15 Signs You're Winning At Life (Even If It Doesn't Feel Like It)

It's good to remind yourself of how far you've come.

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OK, so maybe you don’t have a 401K and choose Seamless over a stocked fridge. There’s still a good chance you’re on your A-game overall. In fact, you just might be winning at life.

What does it mean when you're 'winning' at life?

You may have been told by friends or even acquaintances that you're "winning" at life, but what does that mean? Well, "winning" at life means you feel successful and satisfied with where you are right now, whether it's with your career, relationships, friendships, finances, or life as a whole.


Winning at life manifests in many different ways. For example, you may have an incredible romantic relationship, hobbies that leave you truly fulfilled, or are achieving a level of success you didn't think possible. You might also consider yourself a "winner" if you're healthy mentally or are changing the lives of others.

The term itself is pretty subjective and varies from person to person. But no matter how you define your own measures of success and fulfillment, one thing is for sure: you're killing it!

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Here are the biggest signs you’re winning at life. Print it out and post it where you can see it the next time you’re down in the dumps and are texting your bestie that you need to get it together.

15 Signs You’re Winning at Life

1. You actually want to succeed.

The idea of staying in bed and watching TV all day sounds great... on a Sunday, once in a while. The rest of your days are spent building a life you want to enjoy.

You put pride into your work, relationships, appearance and health. You aren’t only living in the moment, you’re creating better moments for yourself by taking steps forward every day and learning how to be happy.

2. You enjoy rewarding yourself.

It could be something huge like a new head-to-toe outfit, or maybe you just want to spoil yourself with dinner and drinks. Did someone say tasting menu with friends on a Friday night?


3. Your standards are high (and you’re OK with that).

Be it in a coffee shop, the dating pool or when picking out a winter coat, you go for quality over quantity and are in a place to choose to hold out for what will really bring happiness.

4. When you realize someone is not right for you, you stop dating them.

No matter how hot, how smart, how tall, how wealthy, how "perfect on paper" or how lonely you are, you know your worth.

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5. You see the big picture.

Whether it’s a job loss, a breakup or the ending of a friendship, you know that life goes on and things will work out for the better, as long as you stay true to yourself, make adjustments where needed, and never deviate from your values and goals.


6. You know the meaning of a 'friend.'

Back in the day, a "friend" was the person you saw most on a Friday night and spent most of your work time obsessing about whatever guy on AIM with. These days, it’s someone you can count on to lift you up, kick you in the butt and encourage you to be the best person you can be on all occasions and in all situations, including ones only involving yourself.

You know that there is a difference between those who "pop" into the birthday party for 5 minutes to say hello and those who come early, help organize the check, stay late and make sure you have a drink in your hand the whole time. That’s the kind of friend you want to have and be.

7. You’re not trying to be perfect.

Because you know that perfection is arbitrary. Instead, you work to be perfectly you.

8. You're on top of your finances.

No calls start with the words, "This is an attempt to collect a debt." You don’t walk around using your credit card to fill emotional voids or make financial promises your bank can’t cash.


Instead, you pay attention to your due dates, have set up auto pay, and have even thrown a little into a savings account every paycheck, even if it’s just $50.

9. You want to travel.

You have a passport and you aren't afraid to use it. In fact, traveling is actually good for your health, so consider that a win.

10. You actually like your career.

Have you ever uttered the following: “Take a lunch? No way! I’m in the zone.” Some may say you're a workaholic, but for you, it just means you're winning at this thing called life.

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11. You consider your sources.

Passive-aggressive comments make the culprit look pitiful, and unsolicited advice goes in one ear and out of the other. You have learned not to personalize every statement and look that comes your way, but instead rock your own right to veto.


12. You pay attention to news that matters.

You don’t consider the Kylie Jenner lip challenge real news. Frankly, it makes you sad and freaks you out at the same time.

13. You're not a hater.

Your friend announces that she won her fitness challenge, met the man of her dreams and is now engaged. Be honest: How do you feel? If "ecstatic for her" came to mind, you’re right on track.

By now, you have learned that there will always be someone younger, taller, thinner and smarter. There will also always be someone older, shorter, heavier and less in-tune with the facts.


The point? You’re OK with your place in the world. Instead of hating on someone’s happiness, you find it inspiring and see it as proof that we can all create the lives we want to live, and even if not perfect, they can be wonderful.

14. You have something in your house that you have to feed/water/nurture.

It not only shows that you are fully capable of caring for and nurturing something, but that you're good at it and can put your own needs aside at times.

15. Your house looks like a home.

When looking around your living space, you see the following: real dishes and plates, decent furniture, decorative items that go beyond street signs and a proper laundry bin that isn’t overflowing. That's all a good sign.

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