To The People Who See My Worth, Thank You

We can be unworthy to others, but our true friends and family see us as to God's gift, too.

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By Jane Tricia Cruz

There comes a time when we have our most beautiful days. This is when we gain success, reach out our goals and fulfill even our smallest and simplest dreams.

But time will also come when we need to face the darkest moments.

This is when all of the obstacles conspire at once to hurt us. To challenge us, and make us realize how worthy we are as a person.

And maybe, this is one of life’s greatest lessons.


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We have a lot of friends and supporters during the brighter years. But few will surely stay when we need them. Maybe because they are afraid of such struggles, too.

Some are so busy with their own problems. And others are not really sincere enough to help.

I guess, I am one of the lucky people who find so much love from my friends, making them as a part of my family, too.

It is hard to see our worth as a person.

For we are too much concerned with our dark sides and traits that we forget we have done something good in other’s life as well.


We also offer them help, give them pieces of advice, hold them when they are crying, and be there for them when they need us. Nothing is more wonderful when these people appreciate us and treat as the same.

It is easy to find friends when we have all have the colors and triumphs of life, but not everyone will understand that we need them the most when we are bombarded with tons of problems and pressure.

Most of our friends will treat us as the emotional one and that we cannot handle ourselves well. Others will see your struggles as excuses but they do not know how hard you are trying.

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They do not know that you need to do two part-time jobs aside from your full-time work to sustain your family’s needs.

And they do not know that you cannot attend all of the organization’s activities because you are busy thinking how to make money for your brother’s internship.

They do not know that you do not get enough sleep and that you can get tired or sick, too.

Most of all they do not know anything, and that will make it difficult to explain it.

So to everyone who offers their time and money to help others, being grateful and thankful are not enough.

To everyone who keeps on understanding and giving considerations, to everyone who offers extra works to help, to everyone who values friendship more than its meaning and to everyone who never gets tired of listening: thank you.


I thank you for having such a big heart to love and care for people. And I thank you for being our source of strength and hope.

Thank you for giving us countless reasons to still love and trust ourselves. You are God’s greatest gift and the world is lucky to have such kind and generous people like you.

Discovering my self-worth is not finding it in myself.

It is making me realize that there are people who will make me realize that there are people who will help me discover it.


We can be unworthy to others, but our true friends and family see us as to God’s gift, too.

And for that we will forever be grateful.

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Jane Tricia Cruz is a writer for Thought Catalog and Unwritten, and a frequent contributor to The Mighty. Her work focuses primarily on topics of self-esteem, family, and relationships. For more of her content, visit her author profile on Unwritten.