6 Signs You Have Major Karmic Healing Coming Your Way

Becoming the best version of ourselves requires clearing karmic lessons while we deepen our soul connections

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Becoming the best version of ourselves requires clearing karmic lessons while we deepen our soul connections with the people who matter the most in our lives. Changing our perspective to let go of what we have normalized allows us to see different possibilities, make clearer choices, and have healthy, loving ways of being.

Spiritual growth and karmic healing call for courage and faith to connect with our spiritual path and how it entwines with other souls.


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Here are signs you have some big karmic lessons coming your way.

1. You find ease in a relationship that has held pain and frustration

This can be with one person or multiple people with similar behaviors. Think about a theme that runs through your relationships. These themes help you break through painful patterns. As one area of your relationship shifts or begins to heal, another area calls for attention. You recognize healing on many levels within one relationship.

2. You experience spiritual growth and healing because of a relationship.

You find a potential opportunity for both people to expand. Where have you had spiritual growth? Who was by your side? Maybe it was an Angel or guide; we have contracts with them also.


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3. Your relationships are entwined with huge changes

It might feel like you are moving mountains, but your relationships can help shift the energy of deep-seated thoughts, beliefs, and patterns and allow healing to occur. What area in your life has had huge changes? What relationships are entwined with this part of your world?

4. You notice generational healing

Some relationships offer far-reaching effects. Generational healing is not one person healing, but many people are touched. In this relationship, it is possible to experience gratitude for the journey. What relationship has helped you discover the best version of yourself?


5. You find relationships with peace, regardless of the other person’s mindset

Finding the peace even within tumultuous relationships indicates you have shifted to a higher vibration in your personal growth. As you begin to heal your relationships, life’s distractions fall away, and you live a heart-centered life.

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6. You have an inner knowing and courage

Your knowledge and courage to stay on the path transform your relationships and life.


When we can find a way to sift through the heaviness that emotional labor cab bring and lower the vibrations within a relationship, all else falls away. 

Faith and courage help transform life and bring a deeper connection with those we love. The deepening connections will enhance our ability to recognize the big karmic lessons we have lived and to clear the way for more interconnected relational knowledge to come our way.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.