7 Clear Signs You Are Aligned With Your Truest Path

Sometimes the right path finds you.

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Each of our lives holds many choices, opportunities, twists, and turns.

Some of our life decisions are small and some feel huge.

Do you ever wonder if you have been making choices that will help you reach your true potential? Keep reading and discover if you are on your truest path.

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Here are seven clear signs you are on the right path

1. When you see the world in a new way

New opportunities and new people show you a new trail or a way of moving differently.


2. When you feel inspired 

Inspiration and curiosity are both key ingredients in a high-vibrational life. They are an important part of our experience through all of eternity.

3. When you receive little reminders in dreams 

These reminders allow you to see your true and highest path. Things that remind you of your dreams are like lane lines.

You can always switch lanes, take an exit and choose something different, but unless there was a deliberate intention of changing course to something better, your dreams will always resurface.

4. When you experience deja vu 

Some life occurrences feel so familiar you know exactly how everything will unfold. It feels like you have lived it before. This is a very good sign that you are on course.


5. When you experience 'coincidences'

Do you ever wonder about when you hear songs on the radio after you have been thinking about them? What about hearing from an old friend after you thought about them?

This is the law of attraction at work, but it’s also confirmation you are right where you should be.

6. When life is full of ease and grace

You are doing a great job! Think about the times you are working toward a goal that almost seems effortless. Congratulations! You, my friend, are doing awesome!

7. When you feel joy

This is a sure sign you are on your highest path.

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My day of confirmation that I was on my truest path

I recently experienced a harrowing but exhilarating — and, honestly, enlightening — day in nature that sent me most of the signs I listed above.

I’m training for a half-marathon trail run. I’m not running as I did in my younger years.

Now my miles include trotting, hiking and some running, but always filled with joy and gratitude.

On a recent weekend, I needed to do 11 miles to stay on my training schedule. I woke up to cold temperatures, ice, and snow.

I planned to do a 5.5-mile loop twice. When I arrived at the trailhead the parking lot was empty.

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A cold, threatening environment

Everything was touched by snow and ice. There was even more snow in the higher elevation, where I was going.

The cold conditions reminded me of Alaska. That gave me the confidence to continue up the trail even as the conditions became difficult.

At a creek crossing, I slipped into the water. I knew as long as I was moving, I would stay warm.

The farther up the trail I went, the environment became more treacherous. There were sheets of ice across the slick rock that was impossible to cross.

I had to navigate through mud, cacti, and juniper to avoid falling.

Toward the top of a saddle, a runner came by. He was dressed for summer with no water. We quickly spoke of the challenging conditions.


We met again at the top of a ridge. He decided to turn around and not continue upward.

It was almost impossible to see the trail. The white stripes painted on the slick rock were covered by snow and ice.

We were surrounded by wilderness.

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Push forward or turn back?

We both looked at the huge expanse of red rock. If you slipped on the ice, you would slide deep into a ravine.

It was the two of us. Nobody else was coming up the trail in these crazy conditions.

I did not want to backtrack. My lazy side kicked in. I thought it would get easier once we found the dirt trail, and I didn’t want to revisit my challenges.


Both of us decided to push forward. He moved much faster.

Sometimes I would see his tracks in the snow. That reassured me I was on some type of a trail. Traveling up the rock, I was grateful for the sun, and the calories I had eaten earlier in the day.

At one point I slipped on ice and watched my metal water bottle bounce and slide down rocks and ice. Luckily, I was able to grab a tree for grounding.

I didn’t follow my water bottle into the ravine.

I gathered my wits and kept moving. It crossed my mind that nobody knew where I was.

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Know when to change course

Eventually, I decided to turn around. Soon after, I found a trail of frozen mud heading up toward a higher elevation.


On this path, I had to use both my hands and feet. I was questioning my lifestyle and choices.

I’m deep into my 50s. I was alone out on some crazy trail, in the middle of nowhere.

Then I heard voices. Two much younger women were just below me on the trail. Thank you, God!

They let me join them and together we moved up the mountain and eventually through a valley. Every once in a while, we would see the shoe prints of the runner that I met earlier. Eventually, we hit a Jeep Road where we parted ways.

The women were both ultra-runners and in really great running shape. I can’t express how grateful I was for them showing up when they did.

So many beautiful things happened on the trail that day. I was reminded of my strength and vitality.


I also really appreciated being invited into a group. I honestly am eternally grateful for their company.

I absolutely loved the experience. It was crazy, adrenaline pumping and life-affirming.

Every part of the experience was worth it. I have always loved outdoor physical challenges and it lights me up on the inside to know these are still available.

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Be open to communication from the universe

Our guides, angels and the universe are always communicating with us. As you learn to trust these messages you stay on course. Sometimes you get the message to stop and change your direction. That’s great, you went as far as needed on that path.


Changing course or experiencing a challenge doesn’t mean you made a mistake. It is just a reason to pause, regroup and tune in. Your highest vibrational path is always within reach.

Literally, one thought can put you back on course.

Tomorrow morning, I have another long run, or in my case, trot. I am going on a different trail. I expect it will be a little calmer, and a little easier to make my goal. I am already getting excited to be outside listening to my breath and music. It is here that I have wild thoughts about life, love and all that is.

In this life, some of what I am most grateful for are nature, my physical body, and my ability to think and connect with others.


I had it all on the trail that cold, exciting weekend.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.