What You Learn About Yourself When You Successfully Overcome Major Problems

These problems are not happening "to" you, they are happening "for" you.

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For those who are willing to step outside of conventional thinking, which is to resist and/or detest the problems in their lives, they can then consider dealing with problems (be it health, wealth, or emotional) as loving teachers that can assist them in their life journey. 

Consider any problem a hand-up rather than a knockdown.

These problems are not happening "to" you, they are happening "for" you.


So-called problems have the potential to become the portal to access your gifts, abilities, inspiration, and destiny.

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You learn a lot about yourself when you're dealing with problems.

When you realize that a problem is not your enemy but a beloved friend or teacher, you can relax a bit and know that this is not a battle but a journey

Ultimately, it's a journey to self. Your best self. Your higher self. Your quantum self. 

It's at this point that you can say to yourself and the problem, "What message did I miss that I brought this problem to me to get my attention?" 


Or, "I see that I made a choice that did not serve me well. What shift would be better?"

With your thoughts, you send out the message into the quantum field to find the solution.

This is the point at which peace and love can enter. Wisdom follows soon after bringing patience and gratitude. 

Now, joy for life has the opportunity to take a foothold in your life circumstance. You begin to see the whole picture. 

You grow. You get well. You live the better version of yourself because you've chosen one of the infinite possibilities available to you in the quantum field. You changed your frequency to match the frequency of this desirable possibility. 


This match in frequencies along with your elevated emotion draws that possibility to you.

Is it magic? Is it miraculous? Or is it simply how things work when you realize that you are not materially bound to the grind you have been living for most of your life?  

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See the problem as a reminder, a teacher, or a guidepost and love yourself enough to choose a better course.

As you embark on this journey, you learn that you are in fact the mirror, not the reflection. The illness or problem is the reflection. 

But, by seeing the reflection, you understand that the mirror must exist. This leads you to understand that you exist in wholeness. The reflection is temporary unless you choose to adopt it, making it permanent.


Embrace the beauty and power of the Aquarian Age you are now living in, reach out into the unknown, grasp the knowledge and possibility which has thus far eluded you. 

Take hold of what once seemed like an illusion but is now a lifeline of truth and hope, calling out to you in this sea of meaningless materialism

Believe that in the quantum field, you can imagine the reality you want, be that good health, financial stability, loving relationships, or self-expression. 

See it, feel it, "collapse" it into being.

The possibilities are endless. You are the creator of your destiny. Unconditional love and compassion are essential.

The pivotal piece is that you must vibrate at what is considered to be "love or above."


This means that transparency is a given. There's no faking it. 

If you want the jewels associated with the bliss of the Aquarian Age then you, by default, must choose to live in love, respecting all beings as yourself because, in essence, they are.

You are not only empowered to create the life you want, but you will also likely feel the desire to recognize all mankind as one. 


Choosing this kind of peace not only reorders your life, but it also reorders all the underlying motivations. 

You tend to choose to be the peace you seek. You tend to give the love you desire. You tend to speak the words you long to hear. You tend to live at a pace that affords this lifestyle.

Good health is not only a destination, it’s a journey.

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Deborah Picou a Certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner. For more information, visit Quantum Healing Possibilities or email her at deborah@quantumhealingpossibilities.com.