17 Signs You're A Starseed

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You’re a magical being made of stardust — but it might not feel that way when you’re slogging through work on a Tuesday with tacos at lunchtime the only magic in sight.

While you might be able to appreciate the mysteries and magic of the human body over a bottle of wine with friends or while relaxing in a hammock on your vacation, it can be challenging to accept your own intrinsic beauty on a run-of-the-mill day. 

There are some people in the world who aren’t just made of stardust. They are said to be Starseeds, or reincarnated beings from other planets who bring their wisdom, knowledge, and healing powers to Earth. Many mystics and seers suggest that Starseeds are lightworkers who are here to guide us. Yet, many of them don’t even know their own extraordinary origins.

Are you a Starseed? Am I?

Let’s take a look at the 17 signs that you might just be a Starseed:

1. You don’t feel like you belong anywhere.

This is a particular feeling to Starseeds. This feeling is said to originate because Earth is not your original planetary home. The feeling of only being a visitor here might be a repeating theme in your life.

2. You are deeply empathic.

You don’t just read the room. You feel the feelings of others as if they were your own.

3. Your intuition is powerful.

You know just what to say or do in any given situation. You have an instinct for delivering perfectly timed truths in just the way the recipient will be open to receiving it.

4. You have abilities you cannot explain.

If you’ve developed an interest in the paranormal realm, it could be because you have secret psychic gifts you don’t know how to explain. Your ability to sense other beings or intuit other people’s thoughts could cause you to feel as though you are set apart.

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5. You had imaginary friends as a child.

Speaking to invisible beings and treating them with respect might have earned the smiles of adults when you were a child, but your memory of your imaginary friend might feel so real that you question if you imagined them at all. 

6. You are attracted to astrology and astronomy and feel a powerful affinity to all things space related.

Is the aurora borealis on your bucket list? Do you spend hours gazing at the moon? It’s not unusual for a Starseed to be drawn to search the night sky to feel at home. 

7. You have had an out-of-body experience.

Have you ever felt yourself rise out of your body and see your life from a new perspective? This out-of-body sensation can happen in dreams, during medical emergencies, or sometimes out of nowhere. It can also be a subtle sign that you aren’t from this galaxy.

8. You have a heightened sense of freedom.

You don’t like to be tied down. The idea of freedom is strong for you, and it’s not unusual for you to advocate for the freedom of others because your sense of justice is so powerful.

9. You often dream of flying.

Do you have frequent dreams that you are flying through the air or through galaxies? It’s not an uncommon dream, but you might feel like you’ve had this experience in some past life.

10. You believe in past lives.

If you have memories of lives you’ve lived before, you could be a Starseed. Because Starseeds have a mission to heal and spread knowledge, they often come back as many times as it takes to complete that mission.

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11. You automatically recognize other people just like you.

Even though Starseeds are rare, you seem to continue to attract them to you. You’re drawn to each other, and you feel like you’ve known them forever even after a short acquaintance.

12. You have a special relationship with nature.

You notice that animals are drawn to you, and you have a special touch with plants. It’s more than just being good with plants and animals — you seem to deeply understand them. You have a strong respect for all living creatures.

13. You’re a vegan or vegetarian.

It’s not unusual for Starseed beings to embrace a meat-free lifestyle. Because of an inner sense of justice, you just can’t stomach the idea of eating animals. 

14. You’re convinced there is life on other planets.

You know it sounds crazy, but you have no doubt that the Universe is infinite, and that life exists in other galaxies. You may even have seen a UFO in your time.

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15. You’ve undergone an intense spiritual awakening.

You feel in tune with life, humanity, and the world around you. This awakening has opened your senses — including your extrasensory perception.

16. You’re a creator.

You tend toward artistic expression. You find a way to interpret your inner world in artistic form. 

17. You are often overwhelmed by the world’s darkness.

Do you find violence in the world personally devastating no matter how far away it is? This isn’t uncommon for Starseeds. Because your spiritual mission is for healing, you feel the ache of a troubled world. This overwhelm could lead to heightened anxiety or depression if you don’t practice regular self-care and connect to life’s joys.

Of course, there are no scientific studies proving the existence of Starseed beings. It’s a theory that’s come from psychics and seers. If you’ve never felt like you belong on Earth, this descriptor could make you feel understood. Perhaps you aren’t simply made up of stardust like the rest of us; maybe you were created in the stardust of another galaxy and sent here to show us a better way to live. 

It’s possible you are here to heal the world. How can you make it a better place today, dear Starseed? 

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Crystal Jackson is a former family therapist who writes across genres to encompass blog posts, poetry, short stories, children's books, and literary fiction.