20 Sentences That Will Make You More Charismatic Than 97% Of People

If you follow these sentences, your charisma will only increase with time.

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Charisma isn’t something only granted to the fortunate few at birth. Growing up, I struggled with shyness; anyone would have labeled me ‘dull’ in my teens.

There’s much I’ve learned over the years that has helped me develop my charismatic side. It’s helped get me invited on podcasts, speak to thousands on stages and attract a huge readership.

Here are 20 sentences that will make you more charismatic than 97% of people:

1. Be the one who keeps things light-hearted, no matter the situation.

2. Understand that no matter how different or weird you think you are, your ideas have value and will be appreciated by many people.

3. Focus on prolific creativity instead of reacting, moaning, and whining.



4. Rather than trying to speak the most and sound the most clever, be the one who listens the most deeply.

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5. Slow down physically and in how fast you talk because this will give you more time to think and give you an aura of higher status.

6. Emphasise your quirks, don’t back down from them, and follow your weird.

7. Take care of the ‘superficial’ things like your hygiene, clothes and appearance — they matter.

Twenty Sentences That Will Make You More Charismatic Than 97% Of PeoplePhoto: Studio Romantic / Shutterstock


8. Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself and get out there and create remarkable things.

9. Say less than most and develop an enigmatic persona.

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10. Spend more of your time developing an obsession for becoming good at something specific.

11. Do the things most people refuse to do so you gain an insane unfair advantage.

12. Be unapologetically you while making sure you lift others around you and don’t come across as arrogant.

13. Develop the skill of being less fazed by things that trigger you.

14. Lean into your dark side more often by being willing to express yourself in ways that most people might shy away from.

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15. Physically relax the body, especially when you feel stressed, and you will be closer to your true self.

16. Feel more at ease in realizing we are all scared, weird, and fairly clueless about life.



17. Do more with fewer things so that you have more focus, time, and energy to throw into doing something well, instead of half-heartedly.

18. By continually seeing yourself as a beginner in everything you do, you will never fall into the trap of stagnating in your learning and growth.

19. Say helpful and illuminating things most are afraid to say because they don’t want to offend.

20. Instead of trying to be ‘charismatic’ or ‘authentic’ just relax, and find a way to enjoy yourself.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.