6 Simple Ways To Become The Kind Of Person Who Radiates Love

They're the people everyone wants to be around.

Joyful woman lying down Diana Indiana / Shutterstock.com

Babies radiate love. People are drawn to these beautiful, little packages that know only love. We connect with them and want to experience the simple joy of a baby. 

Puppies have the same effect. They automatically love you. You don’t have to do anything to earn their love. It's unconditional and knows no bounds

This is our true state — radiant love without bounds. But what happens to reduce and diminish us to a consciousness of fear and restriction, of distrust and anger?


Somehow, we forget who we are. Instead of expanding our love to include everything and everyone, we start retracting and becoming selective.

It doesn't have to be that way. We have it within our power to act every day in ways that add joy to our lives and to the lives of those around us. 

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Here are 6 simple steps to practice in order to bring more joy into your life.

1. Smile at everyone — no exclusions. 

I practice walking outdoors every day and smiling at everyone. The fun part of this exercise is that 99.9 percent of the people I smile at smile back at me — and some even wish me a great day! 


Sometimes, I try to beat them to the first smile. People sense when you wish them well and they lift themselves to join in. 

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2. Positive affirmations. 

Do you really want to live a joyful life? If so, take a powerful step by starting your day with inspiring affirmations.

Here are some examples that are framed as gratitude: 

  • "I am grateful for the blessings (small and large) that grace my life daily!"
  • "Thank you for the light that shines in every person."
  • "Thank you for the laughter that is generously sprinkled throughout my day!"
  • "Thank you for sunshine, rain, flowers, and all-natural beauty."

Think of a few of your own! Affirmations align you with the blessings of life. You can’t miss them if you've already affirmed them.


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3. Look for beauty everywhere.

Keep a log to remind you that life is amazing. Write down joyful things you observe and revisit your log, or journal, frequently to remind yourself why you felt joy in that fleeting moment. 

4. Express your light. 

It comes out in love and it's our natural state. Just like babies, we want to grin, giggle and share. 

Do this by doing at least one kind act every day. This can be a simple gesture like letting others go before you, helping carry groceries, giving a compliment, picking up trash as you walk, and sending a "thank you" message. 


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5. Laugh at the silliness of life.

Osho said, "Life as such has to be taken as a cosmic joke — and then suddenly you relax because there is nothing to be tense about. And in that very relaxation, something starts changing in you."

Find the humor all around you and acknowledge it. Soon, you'll find you're always in on the joke — and that's always fun!

6. Choose positive thoughts over negative ones. 

Catch yourself when the old "why me?" trope comes up in your consciousness and let it go. Choose, instead, to see all the ways you're blessed


As thinking, rational beings we make choices. It's perhaps our greatest power and by doing it well, it keeps you centered in joy! 

Remind yourself of your intention to seek joy and let that be your guiding light as you make daily choices. Cultivate the joy you seek and it will always be at hand.

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Jean Walters is a best-selling author, metaphysical teacher, and speaker for over 35 years. You can find her books on her website.