10 Secrets Only The Happiest, Healthiest Women Know

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With the stress of everyday life, we forget to nourish ourselves in our quest to figure out how to be happy.

But we may be doing more harm than good when we do this. Instead, leading a healthy, happy life means changing a few things first.

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Ready to make space for some much-needed balance in your world?

Here are 10 secrets only the happiest, healthiest women know: 

1. Keep your mornings calm

Even five minutes of pure relaxation make a huge difference in your mood and energy all day. Leave plenty of time to eat a filling breakfast, stretch or meditate, and have a calm commute to start every day out on a happy Zen note.

2. Make time to move

Exercise ups endorphins, boosts immunity, relieves stress, and keeps you feeling strong and confident in your body. There's no need to go crazy with an intense hour-long workout every day of the week, but a little daily exercise is some of the best medicine available for the body and mind.

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3. Eat real food

Processed junk food makes your blood sugar spike, pumps your body with unnatural ingredients, and leaves you feeling hungry and unsatisfied soon after you eat. Choosing real, whole, all-natural clean foods just makes sense if you are serious about your health and happiness.

4. Drink more water

When feeling fatigued or in need of a boost, don't immediately reach for a caffeinated or sugary beverage. Often, a foggy, tired brain is a sign of dehydration, so sip on plenty of water all day to keep energy levels up and soaring.

5. Listen to your body

Happy people help their bodies work with them instead of against them. They put down their fork when they've had enough, hit up a yoga class when they need a release, and don't pour that third (or fourth) cocktail when they know it's not a good idea. If you're willing to listen, your body has plenty to say.

6. Eat your vegetables

Vegetables are not added to a plate because your body has to eat them; it's because it wants to eat them. Colorful produce is packed with nutrients that keep your body functioning at its top potential.

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7. Invest in fitness and health

Don't wait until you're feeling poorly and out of sorts to take care of your needs. Commit to that studio package, get an occasional massage, and make those doctor appointments that it's time to schedule.

8. Practice gratitude

When someone's attention is focused on lack, that's exactly what they're going to get: more lack. Instead of focusing on the job they don't have or a number on the scale they don't want to see, positive people are not afraid to give thanks for all the gifts they have in life — both large and small.

9. Slow down to smile

Life is not always so serious for happy and healthy folks. They make time to connect with loved ones and are not afraid to show kindness to strangers. Laughing helps, too.

10. Rest

When tired or feeling worn out, don't schedule another activity or commit to another event. Having healthy boundaries keeps you feeling safe, connected, and energized, so take alone time to recharge at home. And when it's time to get some sleep, turn off the computers, stop bingeing on Netflix, and get to bed.

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Lizzie Fuhr was previously the associate fitness editor for PopSugar. She has been featured in MSN, Yahoo, POPSUGAR, Health, Women's Health, SHAPE, and more.

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