20 Legit Reasons To Be So Grateful You're Single

No ex-girlfriends stalking your page. Enough said.

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There are pros and cons to everything in life, including being in and out of a relationship.

While we’re not about to hate on a quality partnership, the idea that being single is all sob-fests and rom-coms is as outdated as rotary phones and spiral perms.

20 Legit Reasons To Be So Grateful You're Single

1. Your options are still open. 

Meet a cute someone at the coffee shop on Monday, kiss them post-date Thursday night.


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2. No drama over guy friends. 

Lunch with Philippe on Sunday, dinner with Jason on Monday, and drinks with Steven on Wednesday. No explanation is required.

3. Hello, social butterfly! 

Studies have shown that singles are more likely to spend time with friends than married people. Last-minute invite? Put on a dress and go!

4. Zero embarrassment. 

Your dog won’t read your diary, question your Spanx or care about your period panties.

5. You can indulge your individuality.

When you’re single it’s all about you. You’re defined by the person you are in your own life — not the role you play in the life you've created with someone else.


6. No ex-girlfriends stalking your page. 

Enough said.

7. You can give good face. 

Not all of us look like Brigitte Bardot in the morning which is why a nice, empty space is awesome to wake up and get ready in.

8. You can eat it however — and wherever —you want.

Salad, wine, and chocolate over the counter while reading InStyle? No problem!

9. You have the whole bed to yourself. 

Sleep diagonally if you want! Hoard the pillows! Snore!

10. No one hate's anyone's friends.

Pretty self-explanatory.

11. Your porn will never be questioned. 

Be it XXX videos, shoe pins, or Adam Levine Google searches, you'll never be ashamed of your history.

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12. You can be as ambitious as you want to be.

Go ahead, girl, stay at the office and finish that presentation, take that job in London, meet that mentor for cocktails and succeed without the slightest concern of making someone else feel bad

13. Bonus: Spend your money as you see fit! 

Hiding purchases, say wha? Why?!

14. You can live like Cleopatra. 

Run a hot bath, pour the wine, put on Tidal, light candles, put on a mask, and have a spa night, every. single. night.

15. You never have to "hurry up." 

With makeup, with shopping, nada.

16. No resentful union for you. 

Yes, there are good marriages, but there are also those folks who said “I do” but now sit living in the same house as their spouse whispering “I don't." Yikes!


17. No family drama. 

Do you know how your girlfriend constantly gripes about her Mother-in-Law? #99ProblemsAndThatAintOne

18. Your space is all yours. 

Decorate it how you’d like, mess it up, clean it obsessively, walk around naked or in mismatched striped pajamas, zero compromises needed.

19. You can listen to Beyonce at your own volume.

Play her loud, sing louder, dance unapologetically, and hit repeat as often as you want to.


20. What happens in Vegas... 

Can be shared over cocktails.

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Brenda Della Casa is the Author of Cinderella Was a Liar.