5 Rare Signs You're Spiritually Blessed

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In 1972 when I first visited India, I encountered a population of 582 million people. For millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists, meditation has been a habit incorporated into their family’s daily lives for thousands of years.

For many of them, reincarnation and the existence of God are real and an aspect of their daily lives. Arriving with my own programming that favored higher education for self-improvement, I found the spiritual home that would guide my personal evolution throughout my life in India. My own experiences with God and the longing to connect with the Divine were the norm.

Now that the Lightworker population worldwide has expanded through the practices of yoga and holistic healing, it is easy to study with those who have shared our experiences of being what may be referred to as “spiritually blessed”. 

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These are a few indicators that you may have experienced yourself.

The key to these signs is to understand that this is your human birthright. Like me, the moment you decide you want to learn more, you open yourself to the miraculous unseen world of divine inspiration.

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5 signs that you are spiritually blessed:

1. You recall a previous incarnation.

Remembering a previous incarnation is something common to many people who are considered “spiritually blessed”.

At the age of 3, one of my closest friends recalled awakening as a spiritual being who inhabited a human body after what she now describes as a period of nonphysical pre-birth bliss.

For me, at age 5, I had a realization of God as a divine power that directed humanity. I saw an image of all humans praying to the same God. Their prayers were translated into divine sounds and that moment awakened me to a new life that included prayer.

Years later, I was seeking more knowledge and inner peace through a breathing technique called “Rebirthing” that allowed me to see 10 previous lifetimes with a former partner. Whether those experiences were factual or imaginary, they were beneficial and created a context for the emotional mutuality that was missing from our relationship. 

Dr. Brian Weiss became a new-age superstar in 1988 when he published “Many Lives, Many Masters”. As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks.

Using past-life therapy, Weiss was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career. With more than one million copies in print, “Many Lives, Many Masters” is one of the breakthrough texts in alternative psychotherapy. 

In 1982, I was invited to a meditation program and at the entrance, there were two lines. One was for men and one for women, each displaying an archway marked “men” or “women”. As I walked to the opening for women’s seating, I was struck with a strange sensation of belonging at the other entrance. Once I took my seat and closed my eyes, I saw a clear lifetime in north central India as a young boy, the scion of the family who would die early on and be deeply mourned by his family.

For many of the gurus with whom I have studied, their mission to serve humanity appeared when they were very young. The current Dalai Lama was selected based on his unique ability to identify objects belonging to his predecessor and through various signs that were revealed to revered Tibetan lamas.

When he was presented with artifacts, some of which belonged to the previous Dalai Lama, including a ritual drum and a walking stick, this young boy proclaimed, “It’s mine, it’s mine”.

The founders of The Oneness University, known as Amma Bhagavan, were each declared as avatars at their births. They have gone on to transform a boys’ school with 15 students and a dirt floor into a spiritual center with a marble-clad temple the size of four football fields. This enabled them to fulfill their mission to help humanity enter the Golden Age. 

Many people know that Buddha was born an Indian prince who longed to eradicate human suffering and wandered for years until he entered the state of Nirvana. When considered through the lens of reincarnation, many of the avatars possess the same interconnected consciousness, each committed to bringing humanity into the highest plane of existence, called the 5th Dimension.  

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2. You’ve had near-death experiences.

On the second of my 57 trips to India, I experienced a near-death experience (NDE) in which I entered an alternative state. I sensed I was rising out of my body and felt an immense relief that the extreme pain of the flu and 103-degree fever had gone. I saw the light above me and felt a state of bliss and perfect unconditional love envelop me as all physical and emotional pain disappeared. 

Within seconds I knew that if I died before my grandmother and mother, my death would create a traumatic loss for them, especially since I was the only child. Years later, I would experience the past-life flash of being a young boy who died in India. A moment after that thought, I felt my body slam back onto the bed and all the pain and fever returned. From that day, I stopped fearing death, a common benefit for most people who have experienced an NDE.

According to Psychology Today, A near-death experience (NDE) is the conscious, semi-conscious or recollected experience of someone who is approaching or has temporarily begun the process of dying. One example is during a cardiac arrest that is followed by resuscitation. People who recall near-death experiences have described perceiving a variety of surreal phenomena, such as seeing themselves from above or passing through a tunnel of light.

3. You suddenly have spiritual gifts.

Another dear friend, world-renowned Lightworker Howard Wills, was led into an entirely different life from that of a 19-year-old college student. He was guided to lie down and stare at the sun and when he awakened a few hours later he had the ability to eliminate many peoples’ health challenges. He even cured the asthma I had endured for decades and the allergies that had caused me great suffering.

Since meeting Howard 18 years ago, I have observed thousands of people who arrive at events with great physical and emotional suffering and whose health is transformed, either in minutes or over time. I have also spoken with so many of them who return, as do I, for more experiences of Howard’s gifts.

His clients include medical doctors, health experts, attorneys, and business owners. Thousands of others who consult Howard Wills have had the “spiritual blessing” to know that everything is energy and that when stuck energy is released and begins to flow, greater health ensues.

4. You can manifest miracles.

Many people pray and nothing happens but for those who are “spiritually blessed”, miraculous occurrences appear repeatedly and with great speed. I have received reports of so many remarkable incidents that are commonplace to some people and have often appeared in my own life. Whether the focus is on finance, career, family, love, or health, goals may appear very quickly. The common denominator is asking for help or Divine Guidance by describing exactly what is desired.

First, I recall visiting a dating site after ending a difficult relationship.

Fueled by an absurd desire for a great story to share with my clients, I sought and attracted a man with all the superficial attributes I had listed. He was wealthy, single, and an attorney who was tall, dark, and handsome. He was also a Harvard graduate who had been on the swim team, a Phi Beta Kappa and as required, lived within 60 minutes of Santa Barbara. 

After about four visits to the site, there he was, and even I was shocked that he had every single one of the attributes he had claimed to have in his dating profile! As I taught these skills, I already knew what was missing; almost everything that is important to me, but this was an exercise in creation through prayer.

Next, on a visit to Kathmandu an “easy 2-hour walk” was recommended for a view of the Kathmandu Valley. 

However, after 2 hours, I felt so exhausted that I told my husband at the time that I would sit on the side of the road while he went to the top. As he walked away, I laughingly added, “…unless a red truck appears and takes me to the top. Otherwise, I’ll be right here!” 

We laughed but within 15 minutes a brand new, bright red Ford truck appeared on the road that had been empty with the exception of foot traffic for hours. I hailed the truck, asked for a lift, and jumped in. We picked my husband up on the way to the top of the hill. The truck looked exactly as I had envisioned it on my various trips to Kathmandu and this is the only new red American truck I ever saw. 

Then, I once needed an immediate influx of cash and found a small piece of paper that John Hancock had sent.

The document, little more than a scrap of paper, had a value of $49,000 and had been given to me when I canceled a life insurance policy purchased for my husband. I received the check within a few weeks of filing the needed paperwork.

5. You receive visitations from enlightened masters and guides.

Each of my friends who has experienced these blessings speak about their guides and masters the way you and I speak about friends and close relatives. They report experiences that include inspiration, healing, and bliss.

On an Easter Sunday in the 1990s, I heard an angel chanting the Lakshmi prayer as I was singing it. 

But that’s not all. On two separate occasions at the Siddhashrama, once in India and once in upstate New York, I had a clear vision of Jesus who appeared in place of Gurumayi, the head of the Siddha yoga lineage. This would have seemed logical if I had been raised as a Christian, but I was not. My near-death experience and various dreams I had also included Jesus and gave me a feeling of peace and bliss.    

Many people have experienced some sign that they a consciously connected to spirit.

Even if you weren’t born with this extent of conscious connection to spirit, you may have experienced some of them. For tens of millions of Lightworkers around the globe, there are practices including meditation and yoga, that deepen our connection to spirit and enhance our ability to disconnect from the busy mental norm.

If these examples resonate with you, if they seem familiar to you, you may decide to proceed to develop these abilities yourself. I have sat at the feet of enlightened masters to speed my own path into a more and more spiritual existence, no longer limited to the 3-dimensional world we see, smell, taste, touch, and feel.

One of them, the guru, Swami Muktananda, said, “You become the company you keep”. This led to my decision to meet more masters and evolve at the greatest possible rate. When you're ready to experience any of these rare spiritual gifts, there are experts who can guide you to each of them.

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Susan Allan is a certified mediator and coach and the founder of the Marriage Forum Inc and creator of The 6 Part Conversation and The 7 Stages of Marriage and Divorce training to help people understand their own needs and their partners.