10 Rare Signs You're An Ambivert (Half Introvert, Half Extrovert)

Nothing is ever black and white.

Last updated on Feb 27, 2023

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Introverts and extroverts have it easy: they know what they want. Extroverts need to be the center of attention and introverts want to run 1,000 miles in the opposite direction of the spotlight. But some people, want both.

But for many of us who don't feel like we belong entirely to either personality type, life is a bit more complicated. It's tough to straddle that line and be filled with courage one moment, and cowering the next. There are so many things you want to do, but you don't always have the energy or drive to do them.


Making plans is difficult, too, because you can never anticipate which side of the fence you'll fall on on a given night. Some days, you'll feel like you need some alone time, only to get lonely and miss your friends when you're home by yourself.

Other times you get psyched up to go to a party, only to want to run away and hide from the crowd once you're in it.

If that sounds like you, then you might be an ambivert, ever-wavering back and forth between outgoing and introspective.

Here are 10 rare signs you're an ambivert (half introvert, and half extrovert):

1. You love going out to get crunk with friends

You don't always drink, but when you do, all your friends have to be there.


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2. But you get nervously suspicious when someone knocks on the door

You know at least 4 people. and they all would text you before coming over.

3. You go out to a bar to meet guys

No way are you going to Snapchat a dude for 2 weeks off of a dating app.

4. And then panic when someone actually buys you a drink

This is so much easier in your head.

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5. You'll take all your friends out for a group dinner

You love to treat the people in your life.

6. But you're too afraid to send your order back if they screw it up

You really don't want to annoy the waitress.


7. You sing your heart out at karaoke

Having three drinks before you go on stage definitely doesn't hurt.

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8. But roll your windows up in your car so no one can hear you belting out Beyonce

The time you spend alone in your car is sacred to you, and no one deserves to hear that voice.

9. You go out for a night out on the town

You had a hard week at work, and need the distraction.


10. And then instantly want to climb back into bed and Netflix

Actually, the only distraction you need is a tub of ice cream and a good rom-com.

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