Meet The Pregnant Virgin Who Used A Sperm Donor Because Even Kissing Grossed Her Out

She plans on being a virgin forever.

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Lauren is a 29-year-old virgin. Oh, and she’s pregnant.

Lauren decided to skip sex and use sperm from a donor to have her first child and it worked.

She is expecting her baby, who will likely be named after a character in Game of Thrones, in June. “People know I’m single and having a kid by myself,” Lauren said in an interview. “But they don’t necessarily know the virgin part of it.


Lauren is a pregnant virgin who used a sperm donor because even kissing grossed her out.

Lauren is very comfortable with her “virgin” label and doesn’t seem to want to change that anytime soon, maybe never.

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Part of the reason she’s not in any rush to get laid is due to the gland disorder she has had all her life. “I was born with hypopituitarism, which means my pituitary gland is not formed properly,” Lauren explained, “It doesn’t send the right hormonal messages to the other glands in the body, like the adrenaline gland or the ovaries.”

Dr. Sherry A. Ross, a women’s health expert and author of She-logy, said the disorder may be behind why Lauren has no real desire to have sex or date.

“Depending on which hormones you are not producing, symptoms can include weight loss, fatigue, depression, irregular or absence of periods, infertility, low sex drive, poor breast development, osteoporosis nausea, vomiting, anorexia, hyperpigmentation, confusion, electrolyte disruption, low blood pressure, intolerance to cold, dry skin, muscle aches, constipation, increased thirst, frequent urination, and vaginal dryness to name a few,” she explained to the outlet. “Low sex drive” is key here.

Her disorder made growing up very difficult.


Lauren didn’t go through puberty until much after her peers and was teased about being flat-chested and different, but the most difficult part of her life so far has been getting pregnant.

“Initially my endocrinologist said it won’t happen, that I’ll need to get an egg donor and spend tens of thousands of dollars on IVF,” Lauren said. “I felt really shut down.” 

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She comes from a religious family and lives in a Manitoban community in Canada where getting pregnant out of wedlock is frowned upon.

Lauren doesn’t care and is excited to be a mother without having to deal with dating.


“Once you know what you want, who the hell cares what others think?” Lauren said.

She has no problem being a virgin at the age of 29 and showed no signs of FOMO when it comes to sex.

“Since I’ve been pregnant there have been a few times where I’ve felt like maybe it would be nice to have someone for that—to go out and have sex... Sometimes, out of curiosity, I think maybe I could try a random hookup, but that feeling very quickly passes—I realize I’m not acting like myself,” she said.

She admitted that she isn’t even a fan of kissing.

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“I’ve been kissed, very awkwardly,” Lauren said. “It’s not something I want to relive.”

Dating has not been a walk in the park for the future mom. Lauren said she tried online dating and it didn’t work out very well.

“People say horrible stuff,” she said. “I remember when I had an online dating profile the first comment I got was ‘Do you want to come to sit on my face?’ For one, does that actually work on anyone? And two, no thank you. People like that turn me away.”

Lauren doesn’t masturbate, either.


“I tried it, and I didn’t really like it,” she said. “Never did it again.”

The mom-to-be is less focused on being a virgin and more focused on her pregnancy.

“This is me giving a middle finger to the people who told me I couldn’t do it because I’m not married yet,” she said.

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