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‘I’m Breaking Up With My Boyfriend Of 2 Years Because Of A TikTok Comment’

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After discovering a string of comments that her boyfriend left under several TikTok posts, a young woman decided that she would be breaking up with her boyfriend of two years over it.

Unsure of who to go to or who to talk to about it, she decided to post on the “r/TrueOffMyChest” subreddit where Reddit users go to discuss the things that are plaguing them.

Her boyfriend left a string of misogynistic comments under misogynistic TikTok videos.

“My friend sent me a link to this TikTok of these 2 guys talking about how when one of them cheated on his girlfriend,” she started the post, “she cheated on him after finding out instead of ‘working to fix the relationship.’”

The man in the TikTok video claimed that his one-night stand meant nothing and that his ex slept with one of his friends, adding that it was a “woman’s duty” to be more nurturing, forgiving, and understanding that some men weren’t going to be monogamous.

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When she checked the comments under the video, she discovered that her boyfriend had commented in agreement, tagging two of their friends and agreeing with his friend’s comment that “females are so dramatic.”

“I feel sick. I thought we had the same views on things like this?” she wrote.

She went on to talk about how her boyfriend’s mother was his role model, how she raised him as a single mother with three jobs and did her best to give him the life he wanted.

“I’m disgusted with him,” she wrote. “He texted me earlier this morning asking if I want to hang out after school and I said yes. I’m gonna break up with him and tell him why.”

She posted an update on the situation that changed everything.

As she was on her way to her boyfriend’s house, his mother called her and asked her what she wanted to eat for Thanksgiving (as the holiday quickly approaches).

Noticing that something was wrong, her boyfriend’s mother asked her what was troubling her, and she broke down into tears and told her everything.

Her boyfriend’s mother was silent for a moment, and then told her where he was at the moment.

“THIS MOTHERF--KER IS VIEWING AN APARTMENT TO SURPRISE ME WITH WHEN I GRADUATE?” she wrote. “His mom said her friend offered one of the apartments to my bf for DIRT CHEAP. And he’s planning to get all the papers signed and surprise me with it on valentine’s day.”

Now, there was too much on the line to just simply break up with him, so she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and have a conversation with him.

She showed his mother all of the screenshots she had and allowed her to be in the room with her when they talked about it.

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As it turns out, there was a huge misunderstanding.

She posted a final update explaining everything but deleted the account shortly after.

Another user that was able to read everything before she deleted the account gave the gist of what happened and what the misunderstanding was.

“Basically, her boyfriend and his friends knew a girl in a relationship with a guy who was toxic and had these kind of beliefs,” the Reddit user commented.

"They were attempting to get proof to show to the girl by gaining his trust. The guy was suspicious of them so part of that plan included publicly making comments.”

As soon as she confronted him about the comments, he pulled up proof of conversations he had with his friends about how they were practically deceiving their friend’s boyfriend — the scheme had been going on for a month and a half.

“In the end, she still wanted to take a month or so break to heal from the whole incident with rules like no dating/intimacy with other people, no frequent texting, going to individual counseling and then maybe couples counseling,” the comment concluded.

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Reddit users gave their reactions to the whole ordeal in the comments.

Many users thought that they were overreacting.

“Honestly, I don’t understand why that requires them to go to therapy,” one user commented. “But that’s just me. It was obvious he didn’t have a hand in writing any of it. He has proof.”

Others commended her for being mature enough to recognize the weight this held on her mental health — making the decision to go to therapy is no easy one.

“When you're young, everything is more impactful as you've less general world experience to balance it out,” another user wrote. “Seems like a fair reaction if she tore herself up over things and wants to do right by her bf and not be unfair by holding things he didn't believe in, against him.”

For the most part, it seemed like people were happy that things worked out in the end and that her boyfriend wasn’t really misogynistic.

Hopefully, in the future, he decided to let his girlfriend in on the fact that he gave his account info to his friends in order to post misogynistic comments to deceive a toxic boyfriend.

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