These Photos Show You What It Looks Like To Be Color Blind

Not everyone sees color the same.

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Color blindness (color vision deficiency) affects approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. Of course, men can't see color right, they can barely do the chores right.

Researchers say that color blindness is a deficiency in the way a person distinguishes certain colors, usually by being able to tell the difference between blue and yellow, or red and green. I wonder how their holidays are if they can't see all the wonderful colors that go with the festivities.


But just because you're diagnosed as color blind doesn't mean you see things in various shades of grey, although it would be kinda cool to see the world as if it was a movie from the 40s.

Dr. Jay Neitz has been working in the field of color vision research for approximately 35 years and believes that color vision defects cause problems in the real world, I mean who wouldn't want to be able to see the precise color of their favorite flower, or all of the blues in their lover's eyes?

What it looks like to be color blind

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He runs a well-known laboratory called The Neitz Color Vision Lab and has generously agreed to share some slides that show what it's like to live with a type of color blindness called deuteranopia, which affects red and green. If you hate Christmas, then you might actually be glad to have this version of color blindness.

The slide with the correct answer is indicated by a small circle in the upper left-hand corner.

Which meat is the most thoroughly cooked? Even if you are color blind you should get this one right, who doesn't know when their meat is cooked? Although if you really are having trouble with that, you can always taste it to make sure, and that is why I don't cook.



Which flask contains a light pink solution?

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Which picture contains a red crayon? If you grew up loving color as a kid and people always questioned why you made your sky green or your grass orange, well do we have some news for you.


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Which picture shows the number 6?


If you were able to get all of these correct, congratulations! You see color clearly and if you didn't, well let's just hope you're not a pilot.

Did you pass any of them? Did you just find out that you're color blind? Doesn't this make you appreciate the fact that your wardrobe is mostly black clothes and that a lot of colors actually don't look that good together?

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