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Only 1 In 4 People Can See All The Colors In This Image. Can You?

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Only 1 In 4 People Can See All The Colors In This Image

Colors can define us and the world around us. We learn about colors from a very young age. However, not everyone is able to see all the colors.

Did you know that actually about 75 percent of people aren't able to see all the colors? I'm among them. My dad figured out that I was colorblind when I was a young man. It's pretty common, apparently.

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But there are a lot of misunderstandings that have surrounded color blindness. Many people hear the term and believe that it infers that one can only see black and white and not any other colors.

However, this is far from the truth. Those who are color blind are able to see colors, but they just see a much more narrow range of colors than those who aren't color blind do.

For example, while one who has what is considered to be a normal color vision may be able to see as much as one million different shades of color, one who is color blind may only be able to see around ten thousand color shades. 

To figure out where you stand on the color seeing scale and just how many shades that you really have the ability to see, you have to examine the eyes (don't worry, we don't mean literally examine them). 

To put it simply, the way that you are able to see colors comes down to how many cones that you have in your eyes. Your cones are basically what receive colors.

This simple test can tell you how well you are able to see colors. Simply count the colors that you see in the spectrum above. How many colors did you count?

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If you saw fewer than 20, then you're a dichromat.

This means that you have two types of cones in your eyes. 25 percent of people are dichromats. Dogs are dichromats, too.

If you saw 20 to 32 colors, then you're a trichromat.

This means that you have three types of cones in your eyes. Trichromats are able to see purples, blues, greens and reds as well. 50 percent of the population is a trichromat.

If you saw 32 to 39 colors, then you're a tetrachromat.

This means that you have four types of cones in your eyes. You may find yellow to be a rather irritating color and don't ever wear it. 25 percent of the population is a tetrachromat.

If you saw more than 39 colors, then count again.

There are only 39 different colors in the test. If this happened, then it probably means that you're a tetrachromat. 

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