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Pet Psychic Reveals 3 Signs Your Lost Pet Sends From The Other Side To Let You Know They Are OK

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Your pet is more than just a companion — they’re your best friend, your child, and your guardian angel all in one. They teach you how to love unconditionally, they help you grow and heal, and they likely bring you more joy, laughter, and support than anyone else in your life.

That's why losing your pet can be one of life's most painful experiences. But according to a pet psychic, you only need to look around to notice signs and signals sent from your furry friend after they've crossed the rainbow bridge.

A pet psychic shared three comforting signs your pet sends you from the other side after they pass.

According to statistics compiled by Forbes, 66% of U.S. households own a pet, and the most common domestic pets are dogs, cats, and fish, respectively. That means that most of us have experienced the heartache that goes along with the unconditional love of a fur baby or fish friend.

And while you may not notice your pet's presence following their death, Danielle MacKinnon, an animal communicator and pet psychic, wants all loving owners to know that there are signs our recently passed pets send us to let us know they are okay."Our animals that have crossed over, they’re always sending us messages and signs," MacKinnon wrote on her website. "They want nothing more than for us to believe they’re there. For us to maybe even sense that they’re there."

MacKinnon took to TikTok to share the three signs that your pet is sending you from the other side.



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1. Your pet's name comes up randomly.

If you hear your pet's name in conversation, on TV, or on the radio in a random context, MacKinnon explained it's a sign that your pet is near. “When you hear it, that’s a ‘hello, I’m OK, I love you’ from your pet on the other side,” Mackinnon said.

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2. You see your pet out of the corner of your eye.

You may have instances where you notice movement in your peripheral vision. You could have sworn you saw your pet run by. It may have just been a glimpse or a trick of the eye, but this is no coincidence. This is a sign of love from your pet on the other side.

If you have other pets, pay attention to how they may be acting after your pet's passing. They will likely be more sensitive to your pet's presence.

According to Comfort Connects, other visual signs your pet may send you are seeing a cloud figure similar to your pet's outline, or a rainbow. These are signs they are saying hello. You might also feel your pet's presence in other animal and insect appearances:

  • Blue Jays, red robins, cardinals, and goldfinches: birds symbolize freedom, and this is a sign that your pet is free!
  • Butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybugs: these insects are a sign for you to embrace change and live your life to the fullest.

3. You hear your pet.

You might be prone to hear a familiar bark, meow, whimper, or purr out of nowhere. Maybe you hear their nails skidding against the floor, their collar jingling, or the thudding sound of their tail wagging.

These are all signs that your pet is near. 

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MacKinnon listed more signs your pet sends you to let you know they are okay.

4. You smell your pet's scent.

Every pet has a distinct smell that you could identify from a mile away. If you notice this smell at random times, it is most definitely a sign that your pet is with you.

pet psychic reveals three comforting signs your deceased pet is letting you know they are okayPhoto: O_Zinchenko / Shutterstock

5. Your pet randomly crosses your mind.

While this could be confused with when you are simply thinking about your pet, this is more random and, according to MacKinnon, is likely your pet choosing to push into your thoughts.

6. Your pet visits you in your dreams.

Sometimes, your pet will appear in your dreams, but you can also call them to visit you before you go to bed at night. MacKinnon shared the process of seeing your pet in your dreams.

Before you fall asleep, think of your animal, and then ask them to visit you. It may take a few nights until they do, but eventually, you will have a beautiful dream about them.

7. Your pet will send you a new pet.

MacKinnon shared how after your pet crosses to the other side, they prepare arrangements for the next pet to come into your life. It could be right away, or five years from now, but this new pet that enters your life is a message from your lost pet.

Your pet can send you numerous different signs of their love throughout your daily life.

If you believe your pet's presence is with you, then you will see the signs. They are everywhere.

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Although the loss of a pet is heartwrenching, know that you will be okay and grow stronger. Treasure the memories you had with your pet, and apply them to your life moving forward.

Your grief is an opportunity for you to change your perception of life. Appreciate the world the way your pet did — relish the simple joys of life, live in the moment, and let every day be a new adventure.

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