Professional Dog Trainer Reveals The Top 3 Dog Breeds He Would Never Own

Even the most avid dog lovers may want to reconsider bringing these breeds into their homes.

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If it was possible for us dog lovers, we’d have one of each breed in our homes. But although they all may be affectionate and adorable, one dog trainer is explaining why owning some dog breeds may be more of a burden than a blessing. 

In a TikTok video, Gary Wing, a professional dog trainer and the founder of “American Standard Dog Training” in Florida, reveals the three dog breeds that he would never personally own, and the reasoning behind his opinions, which may influence your own decision if you are thinking about adding a dog to your family. 


Here are 3 dog breeds professional dog trainer, Gary Wing, claims he would never want to own. 

1. Central Asian Shepherd

Also known as the “Alabai,” the males of this particular breed can grow up to 170 pounds. While Wing claims that Central Asian Shepherds are “great livestock guardians,” the breed would not be necessary to own since he does not have any livestock. 

“If you have livestock at home, then you might get this dog to help protect the flock,” Wing says. 



In addition to their massive size, Central Asian Shepherds are susceptible to health problems including hip dysplasia. However, they are highly intelligent animals, who are friendly with children and other dogs.


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2. Bloodhound

While Bloodhounds are gentle pets that can also be trained to track and hunt, often being used as “sniffer dogs,” the smell they give off is far from pleasant. Wing points out that male Bloodhounds can grow up to 110 pounds, but it is not their size that concerns him. 

“It’s their oily skin,” he says. “That oily skin makes them stink like no other dog. I don’t care how many baths you give them, they just have a smell about them that’s hard to get rid of.” 

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Since a Bloodhound’s skin is so oily, grease often becomes trapped in their coats and skin folds, which can smell like a combination of sweat, dirt and food. They are also more prone to infection due to bacteria becoming trapped underneath their skin folds. 

Even though everyone loves having their dog snuggle up with them, you may prefer your Bloodhound to sleep on the other side of the room. 

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3. Chihuahua

While they are certainly one of the most popular dog breeds due to their big eyes, spunk, and the fact that you can easily carry them around with you in your purse, Wing refers to them as “a three pound demon from the underworld that serves no other purpose than to sit on my lap and bite anything that comes within a three foot range of me.” 


Obviously, he states that owning a chihuahua is a “hard pass" for him. 

Although Chihuahuas prefer one specific member of their human families and can get aggressive when anyone else approaches them, this doesn't necessarily make them “evil dogs.” 

Their viciousness can be related back to their protective nature. When they form a close bond with their owners, they tend to act aggressively toward anyone they perceive as a threat (even if it is another pet). 

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However, with any dogs, no matter the size, it is essential for you to train and teach them appropriate behaviors to avoid them chasing and sinking their little teeth into innocent bypassers. 

It is important to note that Wing’s observations as a professional dog trainer may not align with your beliefs when it comes to these specific dog breeds. 

Despite their size, smells, and behaviors, dogs will give you their hearts when you give them yours.


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