5 Easy Ways To Tell Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Reaching Out To You

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Here are 5 easy ways to tell your deceased loved ones are reaching out to you:

1. You hear one of their favorite songs

Many people love specific singers or bands. This love doesn’t stop in death. We still enjoy music after we die.

You may hear a specific song your deceased loved one enjoyed and it is a sign from them. This doesn’t always mean they are there when you intentionally seek this song out.

When one of their favorite songs comes on out of the blue, know your loved one is likely near you. They may have the song played on the radio or while you shop in the mall. It can happen anywhere music is playing.

You may even hear their songs playing at places that normally don’t play that genre of music. The spirits are capable of much.

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2. You keep seeing their name

You could be seeing their name on TV, in advertisements, in the mail, in books, the list is endless.

Sometimes their name will be in a sentence you come across without looking for it. A sentence can be a tool for spirits to convey a message to you.

Shortly after my aunt died I saw her name in a Facebook post. It had her name on it and said she was smiling. My Facebook friend who posted this didn’t even know her let alone that she died.

I’m grateful for the message that told me she was happy and at peace. Your deceased loved ones are capable of giving you a message like this as well.

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3. You smell them

Many people have a signature perfume or cologne. Their love of their signature scent doesn’t go away when they die. You may smell them during holidays or for no particular occasion.

For example, I smelled my grandpa while I was opening my Easter basket years ago. He worked in a tire factory for decades, so his scent was very distinct.

It doesn’t take spirits a lot of energy to give us something to smell. This smell can range from a loved perfume or a sharp smell of smoke. This is especially so if the spirit was a smoker while they were alive.

Our deceased loved ones are going to use a scent that we know right away is theirs.

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4. They visit you with birds

Cardinals are a common sign of deceased loved ones. Many loved ones like to pick a cardinal to represent their presence. After all, cardinals are so striking with their red color their hard to miss.

But not every spirit is going to pick a cardinal. Someone who loved the color black while alive is much more likely to pick a bird like a crow. People may also favor other birds.

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell what bird our loved ones will choose as their personal representative. I found out my grandma chose a cardinal through a medium before I became one myself.

When the bird they choose is near you, you need to know that that specific person is also present. This bird could be a part of your daily life or a rare sighting. Either way, it’s always going to be that loved one paying you a visit.

5. They visit you in dreams

Often times our deceased loved ones visit us in dreams. They aren’t going to give us nightmares to bother us. But they will comfort us during difficult times. They can also let us know they are happy and at peace.

These dreams are often very vivid. They always appear healthy. They can appear younger than when they died. You may even feel their touch or warmth.

These vivid dreams are real. They came to visit you.

There is no such thing as coincidences. Communication with our loved ones doesn’t stop after they die. It changes form.

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