What It Means If You Have A 'Mystic Cross' On Your Palm

People with a mystic cross have special traits.

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According to the ancient practice of palmistry, all of the different lines across your palms provide insight into your character traits and temperament and can even map out your future.

One special type of palm line is the mystic cross.

Also called the inspiration line or sixth sense line, the mystic cross is said to be a sign of strong intuition.

What is a "Mystic Cross" on your palm?

According to palmistry, the standard mystic cross is located between the head and heart lines at the center of the palm. A true mystic cross stands on its own and is not made up of any other lines such as the fate or success lines.


The mystic cross can be located on either your left or right palm (or both!), and the meaning does not change based on which hand it’s on.

What does matter, though, is how strong the cross appears. The deeper and more distinct the lines, the stronger and more noticeable the traits of the mystic cross are.

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Mystic Cross Meaning in Palmistry

The presence of the mystic cross on your palm is indicative of a few special personality traits:

  1. Strong intuition
  2. An interest in spirituality, astrology, and other "occult" practices
  3. Exceptional analytical abilities
  4. Strong ability to read people
  5. An uncanny ability to predict the future

If the mystic cross touches the heart and head lines that it sits between without crossing them, it’s a sign of a strong connection between your heart and mind, meaning you’re able to make rational, thoughtful decisions while still remaining true to yourself.

As with all palm lines, the way these traits emerge is unique for each individual based on the other palm lines and even the shape of the hand.


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Mystic Cross Meanings on Different Areas of the Palm

While a true mystic cross is in the middle of the palm between the heart and head lines, you may find that this type of palm line is located on different parts of your palm.

To be truly considered a mystic cross in these other areas, the cross shouldn’t be made up of any other lines such as the fate or success lines. Instead, it should be a cross that stands on its own.


Below the Index Finger: Jupiter Mount

People with a mystic cross below the index finger are generally easy-going and understanding with strong family ties. The talents and traits the mystic cross bestows on them are most evident in leadership positions, especially those that benefit the public sector.

Below the Middle Finger: Saturn Mount

A mystic cross below the middle finger is indicative of versatility in all things. People with mystic crosses in this area are extremely likable and get along well with everyone. They’ll see the qualities of the mystic cross pop up most when they’re engulfed in research.

Below the Ring Finger: Sun Mount

People with a mystic cross below the ring finger tend to be very lucky, but not without putting their talents to use. People with a mystic cross in this area are creative types who find these qualities strongest when they’re entertaining.

Below the Little Finger: Mercury Mount

People with a mystic cross below the little finger have an extraordinary gift for communicating. They make good business people as they know just how to say things.


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Myths and Misconceptions About the Mystic Cross

1. Mystic crosses are said to be bad luck, but they are not.

In palmistry, crosses are typically unfavorable as they cut other lines off. For example, a cross across your success line might mean you’ll have a harder time realizing success.

However, mystic crosses are different because they stand alone and don’t cut off any other lines.


2. Mystic crosses are said to signal psychic power, but this isn't always true.

While many psychics have a mystic cross, not all those with mystic crosses are psychics. Rather, a mystic cross is a sign of a strong intuition, which can be developed over time.

3. People with mystic crosses are said to be more spiritual or religious than others, but this isn't always the case.

While those with a mystic cross may be more interested in spiritual practices, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more spiritual as a person. They may choose to just study different spiritualities and religions without adhering to any.

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