How You Make A Fist Reveals Very Specific Things About Your Personality

The way you make a fist reveals so much about your personality.

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Generally, one makes a fist in order to punch someone or something, but making a fist can also be used as a way to reveal your personality.

Can you imagine getting ready to punch someone and they say, "Oh you're a very creative person"? No, you probably can't, but it's true!

Just like your facial shape, nail shape, and lip shape, the way you make a fist can reveal parts of your personality to those who see you. From hiding your thumb to not, here is what the type of fist you make reveals about you.


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How To Take The Fist Personality Test

First things first: simply make a fist the way you normally do. Then, check and see which fist below resembles yours. Once you determine which fist you make, you can learn what it reveals about your personality.


fist personality test

1. The Open Heart Fist

fist personality test open heart fist

Key personality traits: energetic, curious, compassionate, focused, explorer, generous, sociable, good listener, wise


If your fist-making method is to ball up your fist and then rest your thumb against your index finger, you are a very kind and giving person. However, you are also a natural-born leader who exudes an air of stability and strength. You work hard to achieve your goals and to help those around you reach theirs.

Unfortunately, because you're so generous and selfless, you are taken advantage of. When someone uses your openness for their own goals, just learn from the experience and move on.

This should be easy, as you're a natural student who loves learning new things and exploring new places. You are also adventurous and in tune with nature. You see the good in all things and appreciate the beauty life gives us. You value honesty, harmony, and loyal friendships.

People come to you when they need help or advice since you are good at guiding others. You are fine with this since you love to chit-chat and find what they are passionate about. You are normally very gentle and relaxed while dealing with people, which makes you a wonderful listener.


You are also very calm, and collected, and will go over everything twice before you make decisions because you want the world to be just.

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2. The Creative Person's Fist

fist personality test creative person's fist

Key personality traits: creative, confident, likable, attractive, effective communication skills, Intelligent, unique, straightforward


If balling up your fist involves your thumb covering a number of your fingers, then you're a highly creative person. While you have high self-esteem, you also have a fear of failure. You may even be known to be a perfectionist.

Though you are confident, you are never arrogant and walk the line fairly often. However, thanks to your charm and attractive personality, you are a magnet for people.

You have extraordinary communication skills and a very open mindset. You are often the center of attention in a room thanks to your personality and dazzling smile. Additionally, you are honest, quite intelligent, and admire any praise when it is given.

You never fear your individuality but embrace it wholeheartedly. You are the epitome of the phrase "embrace the weird." If you make a fist like this, you get right to the point of things and never beat around the bush or use "small talk."


You hate routine and the mundane, so you are often impulsive and spontaneous. This can sometimes get you into trouble, but you apologize when you are wrong. As caring as you are, once you stop caring for something or someone, you are done with it for good.

People like you and are drawn to you, so if you take risks, especially where other people are concerned, it will pay off. You live life to the fullest and enjoy being in control of your own destiny.

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3. The Charmer Fist

fist personality test charmer fistAll Photos: lemon / Shutterstock


Key personality traits: charming, empathetic, reserved, passionate, detail-oriented, harmonious

If you protect your thumb by placing your fingers over it while in fist mode, you are a very funny, charming person, and people gravitate to you. However, you are an introvert at heart, and though you possess great communication skills, you'd rather be alone, reflecting and recharging your social battery.

You respect and almost demand privacy, keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself. You are creative and can come up with unique, out-of-the-box ideas in seconds.


You can only truly connect with people who are similar to you or who value genuine connections. But you are compassionate, empathetic, and listen more than you speak. You also have a distaste for drama and would rather have everyone be their true selves.

Many would describe you as shy or bashful, which you are. But if someone rubs you the wrong way, you have no trouble speaking your mind.

You are extremely passionate and will always be around for your family and friends to take care of every little detail. It may surprise people that you are one of the funniest individuals.

You have a zen-like attitude that no one can disturb. You feel sad for others and their situations and must work at not letting their problems bring you down. You may even be considered an empath. You love beauty and art and seek harmony in all things.


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