#TMI: 10 Serious Struggles Only Oversharers Understand

TMI is basically our love language.

Oversharers Understand weheartit

When you're an oversharer, putting your foot in your mouth is practically a rite of passage. You can't help it; if word vomit were a sport, you'd be at the top of the game.

It doesn't matter how gross or batsh*t crazy something is, everyone is going to hear about it.

But that just comes with the territory of being an oversharer. In fact, here are the ten common, god-awful struggles that people who share waaay too much go through on a regular basis:


1. You can't remember the last time you got laid but your entire Facebook timeline does. DAMN, has it really been that long?!


2. Those awkward toilet selfies of you are so going to bite you in the ass one day.


3.  Rule #1 of oversharers club: What happens in your bathroom doesn't stay in your bathroom.




4. #nofilter doesn't just apply to our Instagram feed.

5. We get nervous around people who aren't as forthcoming as us. What do you mean, you don't want to tell us about your butt hair lasering? Oh, that's private?
6. You know how people get more truthful when they're drunk? That's us, like, all the time. 
7. We tend to excitedly ramble because we just need you to know ALL THE INFORMATION RIGHT THIS SECOND.
8. Our friends tend to "warn" their families/acquaintances/co-workers about us before they meet us about how "honest" we are. Read: slightly embarrassing.
9. We do great in therapy. Because duh: sharing.
10. We're not necessarily the people who *start* the conversations with strangers on airplanes. But if you initiate, you're getting our life story.