The Most Important Questions To Ask A Professional Psychic, According To One

How to ask the right questions when seeking out a psychic.

Last updated on Jan 17, 2024

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Are you thinking about talking to a psychic for some guidance on how to live your life, but are not sure where to start?

I had a client who was a strong, beautiful, and educated woman. She sat across from me, surrounded by cactus, Buddha, and sunshine.

Even in this serene setting, she was crying, grieving, and feeling overwhelmed.

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Life had reached a point of no return. The greatest transformation of her journey had begun, and she was unsure how to proceed.

People seek out advice from a psychic at critical times in life.

This client had scheduled an appointment with me, a psychic, to discuss the most intimate details of her life.

This included her marriage. The stress and pain outweighed the love, so it was time for a change.

She came prepared with the most important question to ask a psychic: "How can I get my life back on track? "

She was committed to her wellness, and it was time for her to unravel from a toxic and unsatisfying partnership.


The difficulty was not just ending the relationship, but also dissolving the image of a successful same-sex marriage. They had stayed together far too long because of what other people thought.

There was work to do. But this woman had the strength and courage to ask for some guidance.

Understanding why you want to talk to a psychic.

Before you spend money and time on a psychic reading, you need to get clear about why you want to talk to a psychic.

Make sure you're ready to appreciate the given advice. Getting what you want in life has to start with being honest with yourself.



Trust the process so that you can receive the messages you're seeking.


Maybe you'll discover how the past is causing blocks in your current life. Maybe you'll discover brilliant opportunities are just around the corner.

You may receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over or learn how past lives are influencing you today.

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My client contacted me because she wanted answers — and she left with a solid plan of action.

All this happened because she was honest with herself and me. She trusted the process of asking a psychic for insight.

What questions should you ask a psychic?

Psychics can help people find a deeper and more spiritual connection. So, ask questions that will help you find clarity and a balanced life.


With this in mind, seeking guidance about the stressors and how to manage them are great questions.

Psychics can help you discover your strengths and show you all your options. They can also provide validation for what you already understand intuitively.

My client came prepared with the question of how to create changes in her life.



What career option should she pursue? She wanted to know if she could maintain her wealth.


Would she ever find love again? Should she move?

Life offers opportunities for self-discovery and transformation.

These are the times to reach out and seek guidance. This will help you make the best decisions possible and elevate you to the next level of your cosmic journey.

What are some questions that are inappropriate to ask a psychic?

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Don't seek a definitive answer as to whether you should get a divorce. Only you and your partner can answer that.

A psychic can help you see your options more clearly, but ultimately, it is your life.

Another topic to avoid is wanting a spell, curse, or hex being placed on you or someone else. There's nothing positive about giving away your power.


You have free will to create the life you truly want — spells and curses are not part of free will.

My client seized the opportunity to take a giant step toward her happiness.

She had some painful conversations with her partner, friends, and family. She gained insights on the actions to take for the life she wants.


All of this unfolded because she listened to her truth and sought the guidance of someone who could see deep into her potential.

She's no longer stuck. Instead, she's creating a vibrant life.

This doesn't mean she won't have challenges — it means she is empowered and can face them. She is unstoppable, happy, and grateful.

The secrets to life revealing new patterns of opportunity are tucked inside the place that urges you to pause, feel, and trust.

Everything that is not for your highest good vanishes the moment you decide to trust your power. Your purpose is always available to you.

Your desire to learn, create, and experience manifests all you see.


Imagine a light so bright shining on your path that it's impossible to miss.

This is God, the universe, and all that is.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through psychic readings, astrological readings, and intuitive life coaching. She offers guided meditation and, in some cases, guided exploration of past lives.