The Specific Word To Use To Get What You Want In Life

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There are some critical components essential for your success and it comes down to words.

You could call it a success mindset, a pattern for success, or even a belief system for success, because at the end of the day, these "success" words and the concepts they describe are all very interrelated.

Sound can heal, and words are important in this process, as they have their own vibrational frequency. This resonance and how you relate to it are going to determine how you react to that word.

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Here's how to harness the vibrational power of 'success' words to achieve your dreams.

1. Commitment over convenience

Let us start with commitment over convenience. What comes up when I say that? Even in their sounds, they are quite different.

It doesn't matter whether you're in a job, or trying to build your own business, or whatever else it is you're going to do. That is secondary. If it does not motivate you or get your fire going — you're not going very far with it. Would you agree?

When we have an inner spark, it gives us the motivation to keep going and going. It's almost like you have a non-stop fuel of sorts. People around you wonder how you can keep doing so much while staying motivated and positive at the same time. As well as being successful at what you do.

Success can sometimes feel like magic and commitment is one of the key ingredients to make this magic happen.

Let's take a deeper look at these two words: commitment and convenience.

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Convenience is all about "I'll do this when I can". "I'll give this a try when I feel like it."

"I may or may not do it. I don't know if I really want to do it."

There's a lot of ifs and try in the picture. Which means there's a very high chance you are not going to make it happen.

There is no certainty in convenience.

For example, you could be wanting to eat healthy, be more active or exercise, working on goals, etc.

There is a desire, but the desire is not proportionately matched by action and progress, or you consider doing the task when or if you there's nothing else to do.

Getting the task done could also hiding under a million other priorities demanding your attention. By the time you get to the task, you're either tired, or sleepy, or there is no motivation to get you going. The task simply does not get done.

So that's convenience. Too much going on out there with too many moving parts. Basically, you're not in control of what's going on, you're tossed around, and you just do whatever comes your way.

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On the other hand, commitment means you're going to do the task no matter what. Getting the task done is non-negotiable. No matter what else is going on, you fit it in and do it.

Maybe you had planned on doing a certain activity for an hour. then an urgent issues came up in need of your attention and you had to stop before your one hour goal. However, you did make time to work on it for 15 minutes. This is a way of telling yourself you are committed to taking action.

At the end of the day, there are no excuses. You set the task and do it because you're committed to making progress. You may or may not see results right away, but you're taking consistent action to help you move forward.

What we commit to will get our time, attention, and resources no matter what else comes up in life. This could happen at work, in your business, to your purpose, in your personal life or anywhere.

Commitment also brings you face to face with a lot of your fears, beliefs, and patterns that have kept you stuck for the longest time. They have always been there at a subconscious level, whether you've lived with them all your life, were born with them, or raised to believe them. Unless we face the fear and decide to overcome these issues, they're all going to stay and stop you from moving forward!

Part of finding the inner spark and turning on your inner passion is committing to stick with it. It's like signing a contract - a non-negotiable one with yourself.

Commitment is the divine purpose and #1 priority.

Pause and compare these two words: commitment and convenience. Think about how they show up in different areas of your life.

Do you show up from a place of commitment or convenience? If nothing is coming up right now, that's okay, reflect on the happenings of the last few weeks, months, or years. Make a list and see what fits or doesn't fit. The results will speak for themselves.

It is not how much time you spent on different activities, it is the outcome that matters. The results will tell you whether you made a commitment or acting out of convenience.

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Archanaa Shyam is an Intuitive Visionary Strategist and Catalyst who is a student of Shamanic Astrology. She is a medical intuitive, a master energy transmitter and channel and integrates all of these interests and talents into being a mentor and guide to clients toward finding tools and methods what help them achieve their goals