Hero Woman Goes On Honeymoon Without Her Husband

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Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever Butt are perfectly matched for each other. They both love to travel, see new things, meet new people, and most importantly, they both have a fantastic sense of humor.

The two got married and went to Dubai and Maldives for their honeymoon. Since they are major travel bugs, they had planned another trip to Greece, this time with his parents.

Three days before they were to depart, the Lahore, Pakistan couple found out that Butt's visa was denied and that he wouldn't be able to go to Greece.

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"[My husband] is the life of the party and we are wild when together," Mobin told A Plus. "So going abroad without him was leaving half of my craziness behind. I cried for almost two nights in his arms, telling him I can't go. I had to go because he begged, [and told] me that we'd be wasting a good fortune from our savings if neither of us go."

Naturally, Mobin was upset when she found out her husband couldn't go on the trip.

The trip was difficult at first, as Mobin says in an interview with the website From New York to Lahore, "It was horrible at first. But because of my amazing in-laws and all their effort to distract me and not make me miss him that much, I actually had fun. I cried on my mother-in-law's shoulder that first night, but she told me to make the best of this trip."

Mobin wanted her husband to know that not only was she thinking of him constantly, but that he was there with her in spirit. So throughout the trip, Mobin took hilarious photos where she pretended not only to be grief-stricken but posed in such a way that somebody was in the shot with her. 

Although Butt wasn't with them in Greece, his influence was greatly felt, as Mobin got the idea for the series from him.

"Immediately after [the] engagement, he went to Budapest, where he wanted to show me that he was missing me, so he took his hand-hovering-ghostly-figure pose and sent it to me," Mobin said.

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Although Mobin is alone, she wasn't by herself on the trip and was able to truly bond with her mother-in-law.

"The best thing about this trip was my mother-in-law with whom I have the most comfortable relationship," Mobin said. "She and I would go to the hotel respectfully with the rest, but then we'd sneak out and head to bars and roam around the streets late at night, enjoying the nightlife."

Mobin's mother-in-law was the official photographer for her vacation.

Some of the beautiful places that Mobin visited were Santorini, Crete, and Athens. Sure, her anguish is exaggerated, but Mobin was truly missing her husband.

The story was a big hit with Butt and the rest of the couple's friends.

"He laughed at them all the time," Mobin said. "A group of my best friends pushed me to continue and make an entire series of it."

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Mobin was making the best out of the less-than-ideal honeymoon situation when she accidentally lost her phone, dropping it in the Aegean Sea. But no worries! At that point, she started posing not only with an invisible husband but with an invisible phone as well.

Being without her phone must have tripled the amount of hurt Mobin was feeling.

After the ten-day trip, Mobin posted the pictures to Facebook and almost immediately became an Internet sensation. Everyone from the Daily Mail to Mashable has shared her photos and her story.

Mobin is happy with her funny story and that most people are loving them.

"From the part of the country where I come from, my story has peaked a lot of interest as going without a husband and especially with in-laws seems like the most unnatural, crazy thing to do. But I've been blessed with a husband and family that appreciate the weirdness and treats me like a daughter they never had."

In the end, it seems as if this trip turned out to be a very positive and beneficial thing, as not only did Mobin bond with her in-laws, but she may have begun a new career as a model and travel blogger.

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