Man Spends Entire 5-Hour Flight Kicking The Back Of Woman's Chair After She Sat In His Assigned Seat & Refused To Move

He took petty to a whole new level.

Last updated on May 08, 2024

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Flying is already difficult enough with the early wake-ups, the stressful feeling of getting through security, and dragging heavy luggage through the airport. 

Most of us wish for a smooth flight, but sometimes we cannot even be granted that, especially with unruly passengers. 

One man shared his unpleasant experience with a fellow plane passenger who was sitting in his assigned seat, and how he got the ultimate revenge on her during the flight. 


A man spent an entire getting revenge on a woman who refused to move from his assigned seat.

Sharing his story on a now-deleted subreddit, the man revealed what happens to passengers who refuse to move out of his seat.

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The man was flying from Florida to California to visit a friend. According to his ticket, he was assigned an aisle seat toward the back of the plane. However, upon boarding the plane, the man realized there was a young woman in his seat.

"So I point out ‘hey, sorry you are probably in the wrong seat' and show her my ticket," he wrote. "With an eye roll that could have sounded like she was playing Yahtzee, she says 'oh I'm 24C.'"

The woman's seat was directly behind the man's, and when he glanced over at the row, he realized why the woman was refusing to sit there: sitting in the middle seat was an overweight woman. The seat was also not ideal for him to sit in either, as he's 6'1'' and 230 pounds.

Still, the woman refused to allow him to sit in his assigned seat. "After a 15-second stare down I say, ‘Well?' and she says she is 'comfortable already' and 'not moving' and 'wants to sleep' blah blah," he said.


Left with no choice, he was forced to sit in her assigned seat. Luckily, he formulated an ultimate revenge plan for the difficult passenger.

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The man proceeded to kick the back of the woman's seat every two minutes, pulling on the back of it each time he got up.

"I proceeded to set a silent timer on my phone that went off every two minutes to remind myself to kick her seat violently," he shared. "And then every time the seat belt sign went off I'd get up, grabbing the top of the seat to lift myself up pulling her seat back and forth."


He even admitted that one time he accidentally pulled her hair since it was draped over the seat, adding, "Safe to say she had lots of extra 'turbulence' and got absolutely no sleep. There were many death stares and head turns. Each time I would just smile and wave."

The man was confident that the woman wouldn't flag down a flight attendant to complain since she was not in the correct seat to begin with, concluding, "Real dumb to put someone upset with you in the seat behind you."

Some users applauded the man's revenge, saying things like, "Every two minutes for five hours? That's some next-level dedication, but worth it.


However, others believed the man's revenge simply wasn't worth it. One person commented, "The petty revenge isn't worth it to me. What's worth it is forcing her to sit in the seat she paid for, while I sit in the seat I paid for. End of story," one user wrote.

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Though many felt the man was justified in his revenge, there are other ways he could have remedied the situation.

Rather than taking matters into his own hands, the man could have refrained from exacting his revenge in this way.

Though it probably made him feel fulfilled to spend the flight annoying the woman in his seat, as revenge is known to be rewarding, it still didn't solve the initial problem of having his seat swapped.


The first thing the man could have done was reported the woman to a flight attendant, who would have attempted to remedy the situation themselves. After the woman refused to move, the man could have said something like, "Okay, let's call over the flight attendant to help resolve this."

If the woman continued to refuse to return to her seat, flight attendants have the power to call on the plane captain, who can decide whether or not that passenger is removed. But given that option, most people will choose to just return to their original seat.

The woman who took the man's seat could have also gone about the situation differently. Rather than stealing the man's assigned seat, she could have politely asked him to switch with her.


However, that doesn't necessarily mean a passenger will switch seats. And if that happens, it's best to just kick back, try to relax, and enjoy the flight.

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