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Woman Labeled 'Inconsiderate' For Draping Her Long Hair Over The Back Of Her Seat During A 5-Hour Flight

Photo: TikTok
Woman drapes her hair over the back of an airplane seat

Flying can be exasperating: going through TSA, fighting over an armrest and trying to get sleep in those uncomfortable airplane seats.

Rarely is someone’s hair on the agenda of things that make a flight experience annoying but one passenger who encountered a particularly rude plane passenger might beg to differ.

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One woman shared a video of an 'inconsiderate' passenger draping her hair over the back of her seat.

Julie Christensen, a 32-year-old food blogger from Norway, shared a now-viral video of the incident and viewers were baffled to say the least. 

Christensen had boarded her 8 AM Aegean Airlines flight from Athens to Amsterdam when a passenger sat in front of her and flipped her long, brunette hair over the back of the seat, according to The Mirror. It reached down to Christensen’s tray table and lapped her coffee cup.

To make things worse, the flight had a delay. What was supposed to be a three-hour trip was delayed another two, making it a whopping five hours. The fellow passenger kept her hair over the back of the seat for the entire flight. 

Christensen captioned her video, “The joy of traveling.”

“I wish this was staged,” she wrote on the video.

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“It was so weird - she started draping her hair over immediately, and she was being very normal about it,” Christensen said in an interview with The Mirror.

“I didn’t see her face at all and she didn’t acknowledge me. I just looked at the guy next to me and he laughed.”

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Christensen was too tired to speak up.

The blogger debated whether she should speak up and instead laughed it off. However, the woman did not move her hair from the back of the seat for the whole flight, and eventually Christensen felt it was too late to say anything. 

“I wasn’t annoyed or anything, because I had so much leg room,” she continued. “I wondered ‘Why would you throw your beautiful clean hair all over this dirty plane,’ but I guess it’s up to her.”

Christensen, an active traveler, is very familiar with the strange happenings that can occur on flights.

“I’ve been to 10 countries since April so I’m used to the weird traveling habits people have,” she explained. “Maybe that’s why I didn’t react so much to the hair, I just thought ‘Oh well, another day in the life!’”

She decided to make light of the situation by recording it and sharing it with her TikTok followers.

“Hair plane mode activated!” she joked in the comments.

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Some viewers joked along with her.

“Close your table and let her try and move,” one person commented.

“Good thing you didn’t have scissors,” another joked.

“Well if you are bored you can braid her hair,” one user wrote. Christensen responded jokingly, “I though[t] about that but I don’t know how.”

However, other viewers were not so forgiving of the plane passenger.

“You shouldn’t have to tell her! She should know better!” one user commented. “Call the flight attendant, it’s a health hazard,” another added.

Other people shared similar stories.

“I had the same thing once! She kept flicking it about. I asked her to stop & she acted as if I was crazy & making it up,” one person wrote.

“This has happened to me! I asked her (teenager) not to, she kept doing it so I told her mum. Mum scoffed at me. So I asked the staff, she stopped,” one wrote.

“That happened to me… the flight attendant asked the girl to move her hair,” another user added.

So, the consensus from people in the comments is to speak immediately to a flight attendant. 

Jacqueline Whitmore, a former flight attendant and etiquette expert, had different advice in an interview with Fox News, “I would say something like, ‘Excuse me, your beautiful hair is getting in my coffee.’”

She elaborated that framing the situation as affecting the aggressor makes it more likely that they will not respond negatively. However, she said if this doesn’t work, alerting a flight attendant should be pursued as an alternative.

In addition, Christensen has a bit of advice for travelers.

“Keep your hair to yourself, that’s my general advice for traveling - especially when you’ve done such a nice job of brushing it!” she concluded.

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