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Plane Passenger Repeatedly Slaps Woman's Hand To Stop Her From Opening His Window Shade During 6-Hour Flight

Photo: TikTok
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Depending on who you ask, airplane etiquette can differ wildly. Something you might consider completely out of line might be perfectly okay for another passenger.

A real estate agent from New York, Eric Goldie could no longer tolerate the woman behind him reaching forward to open his shade during a flight.

The short TikTok video starts with Goldie looking frustrated and astounded as he stares wide-eyed into the camera in utter disbelief.

On the screen, he shares a message from another TikToker that reads “I put my shade down on a 6 am flight and the woman behind me kept reaching through the seat to pull it up. I almost got arrested.

Next, we see a hand reach forward and start to raise his window shade.

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Goldie repeatedly slaps the plane passenger's hand — wanting them to leave his window blind alone.

The slap on the wrist doesn’t seem to deter his backseat neighbor as they, once again, reach forward in an attempt to lift the shade.

This time, Goldie is Johnny on the spot and slaps the hand away before it has a chance to open the window covering at all.



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The funniest part of the video is that no words are exchanged between Goldie and the other person. It’s just a silent battle for control over the window.

People in the comment section shared similar experiences they’d had. One person posted, “I was on a flight and someone reached up to my window and kept opening it… I kept shutting it and she was like I want to see the view… use your own.

That raises the question of what window belongs to whom. Everyone who travels has at one point or the other wondered who gets authority over those in-between windows.

To drive that point home, one person posted, “I get so confused when the window is 50/50 between seats. Who owns it?”

Others thought they had window ownership figured out. Someone added their two cents, saying, “If you have to reach behind your seat to open the shade: it's not your window.”

Another person added their personal views, stating, “If you have to reach to the person’s personal space behind or in front of you, it's not your window.”

There were also some viable solutions to the problem offered. Another TikToker shared, “I carry a small blanket and shove it in the space so people can’t do that to me anymore.”

One woman came up with a disgustingly genius idea. “I’m not proud of this moment, but this has happened to me before. I had to sneeze, and I let it rip all over her hand. It worked,” she said.

A petty solution that was offered read, “I would immediately start opening and closing it and start yelling 'there's something on the wing!' like in the twilight zone.”

All-in-all the situation had comedic relief written all over it. No word on who won the battle of the shade.

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