Woman Sees Fellow Plane Passenger Writing Mean Text About Her Weight & Calls Her Out

If you're going to send a text about someone, lower your brightness...

woman, Mika, notices rude text sent about her from other flight passenger TikTok

A woman is being applauded for her reaction after noticing her someone sitting beside her on a flight make a disparaging comment against her.

In a TikTok video, Mika explained the text she'd seen on a woman's phone who was sitting next to her during a flight.

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Mika called out a fellow passenger on her flight after seeing a text that was sent making fun of her weight.

"To my in-flight seat buddy, Cathy, who decided to text her friends about 'sitting next to a fat-ass omg,' make sure you turn your brightness & font size down next time," Mika wrote in overlay text in the TikTok video.




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During the short clip, she pans her camera to the woman, Cathy, sitting next to her during a flight from Alabama to Chicago, where viewers can see that the woman was looking down at her phone.


In a follow-up video, Mika explained what her reaction had been to noticing the belittling text made about her weight.

"So, this is what happened. Cathy sent this text message and I immediately just went, 'if you're going to call somebody fat sitting right next to you, you could at least turn your brightness down,'" Mika recalled.

Instead of the woman apologizing, or being flustered that she'd been caught, her only response to Mika's comment was, "'You weren't supposed to see that.'"

Mika responded, telling the woman that she "didn't make it very unobvious." 

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She explained that right before noticing the woman's text, she'd asked the flight attendant to provide her with a seatbelt extender.

However, when the flight attendant came back around, she thought Mika had been talking to her, asking, "'Did you think I was calling you fat?'" 

Mika immediately cleared up the confusion, saying, "No, the lady next to me did though."


She described the flight attendant as looking shocked after hearing that, who then apologized on behalf of the woman who'd sent the text. 

"And I said, 'some people just have the audacity," Mika recalled of her conversation with the flight attendant. 

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Once the airline worker walked away, Mika didn't say anything else about the situation and neither did the woman sitting next to her. 

The flight attendant then came back over and told Mika that if she felt uncomfortable sitting in her current seat, there was an empty seat a few rows back she could be able to move to.


She ultimately declined, telling the flight attendant, "I said 'no ma'am, I'm fine, I'm going to sit right here for the rest of this flight.' Maybe Cathy won't do that again."

Mika was praised for her response to the woman's text.

In comments underneath Mika's video, other users applauded her for the way she handled the entire situation.

"This would have hurt my feelings immensely. The way you handled it as a lesson is pure class. You are my hero," one user wrote.


Another user added, "Good for you!!! Make her sit there in the discomfort of knowing she messed up!"

"Wow, awesome!!! How lucky is Cathy to be able to grow and hopefully learn from this experience!! Your confidence is amazing and inspiring!!!" a third user chimed in.

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