How To Get 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' To Make Sure You Achieve Anything You Want

This manifestation hack is taking over TikTok.

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Manifestation is a powerful practice that has become popular in the last few years. So popular, in fact, that people are creating videos on different manifestation techniques to create their desired reality.

The newest trend is a phenomenon called lucky girl syndrome, which is the concept of changing your mindset. But how do you do this? How can you change your mindset from catastrophizing to expecting great things to happen?


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What is lucky girl syndrome?

Essentially, lucky girl syndrome is the concept of thinking you are the luckiest person on the planet and that great things always happen to you. And it's not just for girls.


Lucky girl syndrome has gone viral on TikTok, and one of the most-watched videos comes from TikToker Michelle Diaz. In her video, she explains how this mindset changed everything for her, saying, "This literally changed my life."



According to Diaz, lucky girl syndrome is when you believe you are the luckiest girl ever, and that you frequently affirm it to be true.

"You believe amazing things are going to come into your life 'cause that is just how you live life," Diaz says.


She then discusses how, once she changed her mindset, everything she ever wanted began to happen. "For some reason, everything seems to work out in my favor. I've always done everything I've wanted," she adds.

Diaz even talks about the time before becoming a self-proclaimed lucky girl, where she would jinx herself by thinking she wouldn't get a part she auditioned for or wouldn't win a contest she entered. "Like I cannot believe I used to think this way. So delusional," she expresses.

There are also TikTokers posting videos and speaking about a different viewpoint of lucky girl syndrome.

One user, Leah Bergy, talks about a girl who she believed was the luckiest person alive, and the lesson this girl taught her.




In her video, Bergy explains why the lesson a former friend showed her is one of the best life lessons, saying, "She taught me that we should all expect the best for ourselves."

Bergy does give some credit to her former friend's privileged upbringing, but believes these great things happened to her because of her mindset.

"She just had this air of, 'Yeah, why shouldn't the best happen to me?' but anyone can have that mindset," Bergy explains. "So many of us go out into the world and expect that the worst thing is going to happen to us, but what if it doesn't? What if the best-case scenario happens for you? Why shouldn't it?"


Bergy ends her video stating that she isn't a big manifestation person, but does believe that if you go into a situation with a positive lens, you will be more likely to pick out the positives rather than focus on the negatives.

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Does lucky girl syndrome really work?

Not only is lucky girl syndrome trending all over social media platforms, but there is actually some science behind it.

One TikToker brought up some facts that make lucky girl syndrome credible by science.

TikToker Taylor Carr points out, "Your brain has what's called the reticular activating system, also known as the RAS." The RAS is a set of connected nuclei in your brain that makes sure you are right.




Carr explains, "So when you believe something, your RAS is what's guiding you to see the evidence that it's a possibility."

She uses the example that if you believe you want to buy an Australian Shepard dog, you will begin to see them everywhere. This is your RAS telling you "that dog is a possibility."

Therefore, if you believe you are lucky, your brain is going to point things out to prove that you are, in fact, lucky.


How to Have Lucky Girl Syndrome

1. Change your self-talk.

The first thing you need to do to get lucky girl syndrome is to remove any negative self-talk and replace it with self-talk that is kinder.

The easiest way is to realize that this practice is actually more of a game, at least, according to TikToker Kaitlin Villatoro.



"Lucky girl syndrome should be used as a tool to bring awareness to and catch how often you're telling yourself the opposite... that things are not gonna work out," urges Villatoro.


Villatoro then explains how thinking this way discourages you before you even start something. Instead, change the way you talk to yourself, and see how expecting great things to happen will affect the outcome.

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2. Use positive affirmations.

Affirmations are the foundation of manifestation. To get lucky girl syndrome, you must say positive affirmations or your negative self-talk could overpower you.

Say things like, "I am lucky," "Things always work out for me," or, "The best is what I will receive."

3. Do the work for 30 days.

Changing your mindset doesn't happen overnight. You have to mentally create a new path for your thoughts to go, so it will take some time.


It takes about 30 days of work to create a more neutral pathway, and remove the negative ones in your brain and thought process. But it is well worth it, so don't be discouraged by the month-long reframe.

4. Maintain your belief.

No matter how things end up, always maintain the belief that you are lucky and that good things will happen to you.

Take a very bad experience and use it as an opportunity for growth. Focus on the positives of the experience.

Lucky Girl Affirmations

To get you started on your journey to having lucky girl syndrome, here are some affirmations you can use:

"I always get what I want."


"Manifesting is effortless to me."

"Power isn't given to me, I already have it."

"Everything I want always wants me more."

"Everything always works in my favor."

"The universe always has my back."

"I am lucky."

"Things are always happening for me."

"I'm always in the right place at the right time."

"Things happen easily, effortlessly, naturally for me."

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