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Author, Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Psychic/Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Healer

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We all have the answers within.

About Pamela Aloia

I am a Grief Coach, Author, Energy Emissary, and Certified Anger Management Educator (CAMS I) and have spent the last 20 years at my energy center, Sol Angel, serving individuals and groups in opening doorways to their souls while helping them find the answers within. Through meditation, energy work, and small group classes, I facilitate the rediscovery of expanded consciousness, enhanced intuition, and energetic awareness for personal growth and collective healing.

Pamela Aloia Success Stories

Confronting Stress, Anxiety, and Anger

Women dealing with stress

Working with Pam Aloia for this meaningful educational series was very insightful and impactful. I was able to gain a deeper understanding and be more in tune with the nature of the human mind. For instance, how we, as people, are biologically wired to emotionally and physically respond to stress, the impacts of stress on our brains and bodies, and most importantly how to appropriately cope with the inevitable stressors of the external environment.more

 The workshop covered an array of topics including the biology of the brain, destructive thinking patterns, mindfulness techniques, coping statements, affirmations, and conflict resolution. Working one-on-one with Pam allowed me to bounce off ideas and concepts that were taught while teaching me how to handle stress in my own unique way. Before beginning the workshop I would impulsively react to stressful occurrences by becoming angry, anxious or even escaping with mood alternating substances.

After completing the workshop with Pam I felt more emotionally stable and mature. I had learned techniques to appropriately respond to stressful people, places and events. I now do a better job at looking at stress in an objective manner so I do not get emotionally sucked in. Pam helped guide me to new perspectives to help reprogram some of my automatic negative thoughts. This workshop also brought light to activities and habits in my daily life that brought me joy and, in turn helped alleviate stress. I found happiness in cooking and movement (dance and yoga). I believe after a person completes this workshop with Pam he or she will find their own unique way of coping mechanisms and healthy habits.“ - Alysha M

Testimonial for Author Support


I liked everything about the writing support session with Pam. I’d been blocked on how to organize book chapters, and she offered wonderful suggestions that have been very helpful with that. The connection she makes with Spirit for the guidance she presents is  clearly felt and much appreciated.” Ginny  M.

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