6 Honest Guys Reveal What They Really Think About Showering With You

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woman washing man's hair in shower

Showering together can seem like a steamy proposition what with the steam and all, but is it all it's cracked up to be?

 Maybe you're looking for a little wet and wild fun, or maybe you just want to spend a little time together while you get ready for work.

Either way, some men really think about jumping into the shower with you. Or at least, what you look like in the shower.

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Here 6 honest guys reveal what they really think about showering with you:

1. It can become a hairy situation

"First question: Why is there so much hair and why is it everywhere? If you looked at the shower drain afterward, you'd think, 'Oh, whoever's hair this is ... they're bald now.' Yet somehow, she still has a full head of hair when I look at her.

Second question: Is it OK to admit I secretly use her products when we shower separately? They just make my hair so soft, but I could never buy them myself with a straight face."

2. Being cold and wet isn't exactly sexy

"Dude, showering together sucks. Let me ask you this: What's the worst part about showering? The cold part is when you turn off the water. Now you have to deal with that 50 percent of the time you're in the shower, too. No thanks. We can see each other naked in a million other ways that are way more comfortable."

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3. It takes WAY too long with her

"My girlfriend probably does more things in the shower than I do at work all day. When I get in there, I just want to be in and out and on with life. Showering together means standing around to get all pruney while she shaves her legs or uses 14 conditioners. Ain't nobody got time for that!"

4. It seems fun in theory, but is actually a nightmare

"It sounds pretty cool. You get to be naked together plus get sh*t done at the same time. But at the end of the day, it's not really conducive to either of those things. Sex in the shower is a logistical nightmare, and you spend more time waiting for your turn for the water than anything else."

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5. It makes things hot ... and sweet

"Shower sex isn't really my thing, but it's fun just to hang out naked with each other and be goofy. If you like hanging out together, you'll probably like hanging out in the shower, too. It's just one more thing couples do with each other and no one else."

6. Overall, it's kind of a turn-off

"On the plus side, boobies. Otherwise, it's just like any other activity together, really. Showering together isn't really a turn-on where things start happening, but it's not like I hate being with my girlfriend. It's like doing a chore together or something. She adds to the experience, but it's not like the movies."

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