10 'Green Flags' To Look For That Indicate You're Becoming Your Best Self

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All of us are familiar with red flags, those glaring warning signs that something is off. We should take heed but often overlook them, resulting in unfavorable outcomes.

But just as there are red flags to be on the lookout for, there are also green flags.

While red flags are often the topic of conversation, imploring us to see potential problems that might arise, a green flag is the opposite. Green flags are the good in people and circumstances that help you feel safe, have healthy relationships, and maintain good mental health.

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10 Green Flags To Look For In Yourself

All of us have things that can be perceived as "good" or "bad" qualities. It’s easy to pinpoint the bad while overlooking the good.

But TikToker Hedieh Safiyari shared some of her green flags. Keep reading for the green flags that indicate you are moving toward being the best version of yourself possible.



1. You treat yourself and others with kindness.

In life, you have to teach people how you want to be treated. If you don’t treat yourself right, how in the world do you expect others to?

Treating yourself with kindness, dignity, and respect is a green flag to strive for. In addition, you are non-judgmental, accepting yourself and others.

2. You're accountable for your actions.

People who want to be their best selves take accountability for their actions. When they make mistakes, they own up to it, acknowledge their contribution to the problem and take corrective action.

This is one of the biggest green flags that points at an ability to communicate effectively.

3. You practice self-compassion.

Sometimes a person can be their own worst enemy, judging their own actions more harshly than they would those of another person. The ability to treat yourself compassionately is an attribute that will help you grow and thrive.

4. You keep promises to yourself.

The last person on earth you should let down is you. You know what you are capable of, so there is no reason you should make promises that you cannot keep to yourself.

Following through on commitments to your own wellbeing is a definite green flag.

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5. You respect boundaries.

A green flag as it relates to boundaries means that you set boundaries for yourself and respect the boundaries of others. You understand that everyone has a right to feel comfortable and avoid things that trigger negativity, so you adhere to their stipulations and expect the same from them.

Respecting boundaries is another one of the green flags in any relationship, romantic, platonic, or otherwise.

6. You value quality over quantity.

People who have a healthy mindset know that it’s not about how many relationships you have, but the quality of each. You spend time with people you care about in meaningful ways and nurture those relationships so they can flourish.

7. You follow your purpose.

Knowing who you are and what you were put on this planet for is a green flag everyone should have. Happiness and self-fulfillment mean that you know what your purpose is and you pursue it.

8. You express your emotions.

We know that bottling your feelings up is not a good thing. People with green flags are transparent about their emotions and allow themselves to feel them without self-judgment or burying them deep inside.

Expressing your emotions keeps them from building up and making you a walking red flag.

9. You listen to yourself and others.

You not only follow your inner voice and intuition, but are also willing to learn from and listen to other people. You understand that in order to be your best self, you have to be a student of life, listening actively and seeking to understand the people and world around you.

10. You meet your own needs.

While some may look outside of themselves to get what they need, you provide yourself with whatever it takes to make you show up in life every single day. You know what you need to succeed and are committed to providing yourself with those necessities.

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