A Genius Way To Get Rid Of (Almost) All Of Your Problems

Solve your problems at the source.

Last updated on Jan 16, 2024

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Problems. They seem to pop up everywhere. Just unlock your phone, talk to a friend, or turn on the news, and you find no shortage of them.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like our problems keep growing.

So, what about your problems? The answer may surprise you.

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Here's a simple way to get rid of (almost) all of your problems:

1. Shift your perspective about the source of your problems.

Your reaction to a given situation causes what you often label as "problems" in your life.


If this doesn’t immediately resonate, here is another way to look at it.

We believe that most of our problems or issues in life stem from something outside of ourselves. Much of this can feel beyond our control. However, what we can control is our reaction to that stimulus.

If you want a good litmus test, observe how you react the next time something in your life goes wrong.

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2. Shifting perspectives isn't about attacking, defending, blaming, or justifying.

Are you able to remain conscious and in the moment without allowing the rush of emotions to control your reactions?


Admittedly, this is an area of opportunity for me, like many of us.

However, if you can choose to react differently to the same situation, the outcome is often wildly different. Or, better yet, to decide first if you even need to react at all.

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3. Shifting perspectives to solve problems is about making a choice.

It is a simple choice but not necessarily an easy one.

You can choose not to create any more problems for yourself. To some of you, that may sound like an impossible task.

If you’re like me, my immediate response is, "Of course, I don’t want to create problems for myself!"


One of the best methods I’ve found for creating fewer problems is understanding where my "problems" come from.

Most people have been trained from an early age to have an automatic negative emotional reaction when something doesn’t go as they expect.

However, if you've learned anything from life, it's to expect the unexpected.



4. Shifting perspectives when problems inevitably arise.

Shift your focus inward, initially, instead of the typical outward-first approach. Be as interested in what’s going on inside of you as what is happening on the outside.


Without internal peace, external peace is not possible. With internal peace, external peace is not only possible — it’s inevitable. As within, so without.

Here's one last perspective shift on problems, which I’ve learned through my journey with plant medicines; ultimately, it's not about solving problems.

It's about realizing that there are no problems. Only situations.


Situations that either need to be dealt with or left alone and accepted until they can be changed or changed on their own.

View what you may have previously labeled as a "problem" simply as an illusion you've created and chosen to believe.

The great thing about illusions is the recognition of an illusion also ends it. Its survival depends on your mistaking it for reality.

When you see these self-constructed illusions for what they are, you open up to allow the true nature of reality to emerge.

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Troy Madsen is a certified Psychedelic Integration Professional who's devoted to supporting individuals along their healing journey.