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Life Coach, Spiritual Coach

About Troy Madsen

Hi, I'm Troy! I am a certified psychedelic integration professional. 


My personal experiences with plant medicine, breath work (Holotropic and Wim Hof), hosting integration circles, involvement with psychedelic societies, psychedelic integration coaching, and scholarly learning have all provided me with valuable insight on how to help you prepare for and successfully incorporate your own psychedelic journey into your daily life. I am also one of only a select few practitioners that are certified in psychedelic preparation and integration. 

I developed a program that is a combination of self-paced learning through videos as well as live calls to allow you to safely prepare for, skillfully navigate, and successfully integrate your psychedelic journeys. 


Through our time together, you will learn to decipher your inner motivators so that you understand the true drivers of the thoughts and behaviors that are causing the pain and disconnection in your life. Understanding these patterns and why they exist is the first step in being able to change and direct them towards the positive results you seek, so that you can live a more authentic, less reactionary life. 

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