16 Fashion Beauty Secrets That'll Make You Never Buy New Clothes Again

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Do you find it hard to stay fashionable while keeping within your budget?

This article will offer tips on fashion beauty secrets and ways to clean garments you might have thought were ruined.

In addition, we also have some tips on how to reuse, recycle, or salvage articles of clothing you have by easily transforming them into something else.

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Don’t worry; you don’t even have to know how to sew to pull off our DIY fashion hacks.

Our tips will help you look fashionable and feel comfortable for less.

Remember that being fashionable doesn’t always mean dressing fancy either, many of our tips will show you tips for casual fashion.

16 Fashion Beauty Secrets That'll Make You Never Buy New Clothes

Cleaning and Salvaging What You Have

Our first section of fashion tips are hacks that show you how to clean up stains or spills on your favorite garments and fashion accessories. If you once thought you might have to throw away clothing or accessories, these tips will help you clean and keep them instead of having to replace them.

1. Red Wine Stains

Red wine stains are notoriously hard to remove. Strangely enough, pouring white wine on a red wine stain will help get it out.

2. Greasy or Oily Stains

Grease and oil and very hard to get out of clothing. You can improve your chances by sprinkling talcum powder all over the stain and letting it absorb the oil. Then try adding Pine-Sol to your washing machine load. It is normally used for household cleaning, but it is known for cleaning greasy stains. If you don’t have Pine-Sol, add dishwashing soap that is formulated to help cut grease in addition to your laundry detergent.

3. Gum or Wax

Strange things can get into clothes, shoes, or other fabrics you love. Gum or melted wax can be almost impossible to get out. Pre-treat it with Pine-Sol and remove as much as possible before putting in the wash. Then add Pine-Sol to your laundry with regular laundry detergent to get the rest out.

4. Dirt on Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are so much fun to wear but they get dirty easily and it is always hard to get them clean. Let the stain dry and then try to just scrape it off with a metal nail file.

5. Water Marks on Leather

If you have discoloration on leather shoes or garments from water, spray them with a mixture of vinegar and cold water.

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6. Deodorant White Marks

This happens to all of us, you get dressed, put your deodorant on, and then decide to change, and then you get white deodorant marks all over your shirt. Use baby wipes to easily clean the deodorant marks off your shirt.

7. Yellow Deodorant Stains

Another problem caused by deodorant is the yellow stains that form on the underarm. To prevent this stain from happening, spray the underarms of your shirts with lemon juice before putting them in the wash.

8. Panty Hose

We all know that pantyhose don’t last forever, but you can make them last longer by treating them with hairspray. If you do get a run in your pantyhose or stocking, clear nail polish will prevent it from continuing to run.

9. Preserve Sweaters

Do you have a favorite fuzzy, long hair sweater that may be made from angora or cashmere? Store them in a plastic bag at all times (not just over the summer) in a plastic bag and that will prevent them from shedding, getting snagged, or any other dangers.

10. Smelly Sneakers

Are you having a hard time getting the smell out of your sneakers? Try putting a tea bag inside each of your sneakers and it will absorb the smell.

Refurbishing and Reusing What You Have

Our second section of fashion hacks includes a list of ways to reuse and refurbish what you have. You might think that refurbishing old clothing and accessories won’t keep them in style, but that is not the case, you can create fashionable new creations by reusing and recycling what you have. All of our tips are low cost and will make you love your old clothes and accessories even more than before.

11. Shoes too small?

If you need to stretch out your shoes that are too small, put water inside a zip lock bag, put it in the toe section of your shoe, and place it in the freezer. As the water freezes, it slowly expands and gently stretches out your shoe.

12. Scuffed High Heels

If the heels on your high heel shoes are all scuffed up and looking ragged, find some glitter that is close to the color of your shoes and use spray glitter before sprinkling the glitter on the heels. The glitter hides any imperfections if they aren’t smooth anymore and you have a beautiful new-looking shoe.

13. DIY Cardigan

Do you have a favorite shirt that is too large for you now? Make it into a cardigan by cutting down the middle. Directions here on Pinterest.

14. Embellish Old Jeans

Do you have old jeans that have holes that you don’t want? Buy fabric flowers and add them to your jeans in strategic places. If the fabric flowers are not washable, just use safety pins and remove them before washing.

15. Gold Jewelry Turn Your Skin Green?

Does your gold jewelry turn your skin green? Paint the inside of rings with clear nail polish to prevent this from happening.

16. Make a Scarf out of an Old Shirt

We all have shirts that we can no longer wear for one reason or another. If it’s a fabric you love or maybe has sentimental value, you can turn an old shirt into a scarf very easily without needing any sewing skills. Directions here on Pinterest.


We hope that you have learned something and enjoyed finding out about these fashion tips and fashion hacks that will help you save and reuse clothing items you thought couldn’t be salvaged and also found out about ways to utilize garments to make your style more fashionable.

This should leave you with plenty of room in your budget to purchase the latest new casual styles like women's track pants, muscle tops, etc. Remember, being fashionable doesn’t always mean dressing up in fancy clothes either. When you learn about casual fashion, you can be comfortable and fashionable for any and every occasion of your busy life.

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