Men Love These Kinds Of Boobs The Most, Says Science

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The Most Attractive Boobs, According To Men (And Science)

When it comes to female breasts, every man has his own personal preference.

Some men love big boobs in all their ripened splendor. Other men prefer small boobs, believing firmly that anything more than a handful is a waste.

It would make sense that men have different takes on what they consider the most attractive boobs. After all, our boobs are like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. (Even those on the same chest!)

For every woman with every kind of boob imaginable, there exists a man who finds her boobs to be utter perfection.

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A study has found that there's one type of boob men prefer over all the rest.

And it's probably not what you think!

(That last sentence there is how you can tell I write on the internet for a living.)

When I first started reading the study I assumed that the results would indicate that men preferred bigger boobs.

It would make sense.

There's evidence to support the idea that larger breasts, along with a narrow waist and wide hips, are fertility indicators and thus, are designed to grab men's attention.

But it turns out that it isn't just the size they are looking for. Men prefer perfectly round boobs.

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In the study conducted in Prague, men were shown a long series of photographs of women and asked to comment on the ones they found to be the most attractive.

Across the board, women with rounder breasts (regardless of their size) earned higher points.

Science thinks they know why, too!

You know how I just said that bigger breasts are fertility indicators? Turns out that round breasts are, too.

Women's breasts change shape as they get older, particularly if they have children whom they breastfeed.

A firmer, rounder breast indicates that a woman is younger, and as such, may be more fertile than a woman whose breasts are not as round.

So I guess that hard, perfectly circular boob job look that all plastic surgeons avoid is actually what every guy really wants?

Huh. Who knew?

Science can preach all it wants to about these new findings, but the fact remains, there are very few men who are going to express disappointment upon seeing boobs.

For the most part, they're either over the moon to be in their presence, or at the very least damn grateful.

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