Your Gel Nail Polish Manicures May Cause Cancer

Photo: Unsplash 
YIKES. Your Gel Nail Polish Manicures May Cause Cancer

You may have fallen victim to loving gel nails and understandably so — three weeks without any chipping? Yes, please!

But doctors say that the trend may be more harmful to your health than it's worth. Dermatologist Dr. John Humeniuk warns against using the very gel nail polish that the beauty industry seems to be pushing more and more.

Why the sudden hesitation? The beauty process might cause cancer.


"Some concerns were raised several years ago about the possibility of skin cancers from using ultraviolet lights," Humeniuk tells WHNS. “These ultraviolet units are actually the same kind of bulbs essentially you see in tanning beds.”

But wait. That's not all: In the same way you can contract herpes from tanning beds, you can also pick up pretty disgusting stuff from gel manicures, too.

“The use of these gels and these acrylics the light will actually cause the original nail plate to actually separate from the bed and now you have a gap where moisture or bacteria and yeast can grow.” Humeniuk continues.

Ugh, this sucks — welcome back dull, chipped paint.

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