The Hidden Meaning Behind The Color Of Your Eyes

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Eye color is something we all notice. In fact, many people become jealous over another person's eye color and sometimes buy contacts to change their own color.

But there are specific spiritual meanings behind eye color you may not know. Each color has a significant meaning behind it that can explain the specific personality traits you have.

So, what does your eye color mean?



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What The Color Of Your Eyes Mean Spiritually

If You Have Brown Eyes

According to TikTok user Celina Marie, brown eyes mean that you have an old soul. That is, you most likely have been reincarnated many times.

If you have brown eyes, you have been around for many lives, so you are extremely wise and feel very mature for your age. You are probably very good at giving advice.

If You Have Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, according to Marie, mean that you have a positive mindset. She says people with blue eyes think like "There's a light at the end of the tunnel." You are very sensitive to others' feelings and could even be an empath.

People with blue eyes hate conflict and would rather be at peace. They are extremely understanding and have a certain depth to them.

If You Have Green Eyes

Green eyes mean that you are very connected to nature, animals, and the environment. Because of this, you have a life purpose to impact the world on a higher level.

You are often the healers of the world. You are also most likely nurturing and caring.



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If You Have Hazel Eyes

People with hazel eyes are connected to the spiritual world. They are also naturally gifted, specifically with psychic abilities. You are said to be here to transform this life.

Hazel-eyed people will go through many ups and downs to fulfill their life purpose.

You are known to be "God's Favorite" due to your unique abilities. You are wise, clever, and have great potential to flourish.

If You Have Gray Eyes

Gray eyes mean you value wisdom and peace. You are smart way beyond your years.

Gray-eyed people are seen as trendsetters and rebels. They hate conforming to the norm and will break societal traditions.

They were put here on this earth to push boundaries and social standards.

If You Have Violet Eyes

People with violet eyes have young souls — that is, their soul hasn't been around for a while and is quite new. If you have purple eyes, this could even be your first body and life.

You are very curious and your soul is full of wonder for everything. Your soul is all about having new experiences and meeting new people. You want to learn as much as possible and have a purpose of gaining knowledge

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