8 Ways To Break A Curse Or Hex

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Do you feel like bad things keep happening to you, and someone has placed a hex or a curse on you?

Having misfortune here and there is normal, but if you are having problem after problem, you might need to take steps to get rid of a curse.

There are many signs that let you know you are the victim of black magic. You might keep falling sick for no logical reason. You could be prone to accidents and suffer from injuries frequently.

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There are different types of curses and hexes as well. A love hex can make you fall for someone against your will. There are revenge spells, bad luck hexes, and some that cause an inability to sleep or even nightmares.

A TikToker by the name of Symphie recently shared some of the ways you can release negative energy if you feel you have been targeted or cursed.



How to Break a Curse or Hex

1. Take a rosemary bath.

A rosemary bath can help wash away any negativity directed at you. Take the following steps to break the curse.

Start by taking a shower. Then fill the bathtub with warm water before pouring two cups of Epsom salt into it.

Next, add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil to the water. If you want to you can add two teabags of chamomile to help with relaxation. Simply soak and let your worries melt away.

2. Do a smoke cleansing.

A smoke cleansing is a good way to remove bad vibes from your home and body. Make sure you open all of the windows and doors first.

Now burn your choice of sage, rosemary, or mugwort in a dish. Ensure the dish is fireproof so it does not burn the surface underneath or start a fire.

Chant a cleansing prayer or positive affirmations as the smoke rises. The prayer will release you from the influence of evil spirits.

If you have been specifically targeted by the curse, pass the smoke all over your body to clear the energy from your physical being.

3. Create a protective salt barrier.

Just as with the smoke cleansing, start by opening your windows and doors to begin the process of using a salt barrier.

Sweep or vacuum the floors of your home thoroughly, leaving no remnants of dirt behind. Then mop the non-carpeted floors with a mixture of water.

If your home is carpeted, go outside along the perimeter of the home or business and pour a ring of salt. This will provide protection from any bad spirits sent your way.

4. Cleanse your aura with citrus.

A citrus aura cleanse can help to move past the curse or hex that is afflicting you.

First, cut a fresh lemon down the middle. Sprinkle each half of the lemon with sea salt. Take one of the halves and move it around your body, hovering over it as you imagine it pulling away any negative energy.

Repeat the process with the other half and do this continuously until the lemon starts to go bad. Once it does, cut and fresh lemon and restart the process.

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5. Place lemons on an altar.

We talked earlier about cleansing your aura with a lemon. An addition to the process is to place the lemons on an altar after you have moved them over your body.

Put a white candle in between and allow it to burn down completely. Leave the lemons there until the dry out or grow mold. Replace with fresh lemons and repeat until any unwanted energy clears.



6. Burn bay leaves, cinnamon, and Dragon’s Blood incense.

Take bay leaves and place them on a plate. Sprinkle cinnamon on the leaves and place two sticks of Dragon’s Blood incense on top of it in a cross formation.

Light the incense and, as they burn, imagine any bad energies leaving your body. Use a cleansing prayer or affirmations to move the process along.



7. Pray on it.

You can release a curse or hex by using a specific prayer based on your own religion. If you believe in Jesus Christ, say, “I rebuke any curses, spells, or hexes sent against me in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

If you’re not comfortable using Jesus’ name, feel free to replace it with whatever higher power you believe in or simply direct your prayers to the universe.

8. Use garlic, chili, sage, and black salt.

Combine garlic, chili powder, sage, and black salt. Add a small slip of paper with a description of the curse that is invading your life.

Combine all of the ingredients together in the bowl into a cast iron cauldron and light them on fire. This will burn away your troubles and allow you to access positive energy.



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