People With The Most Outgoing Personality Type Share These 5 Dark Traits

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The ESFP personality is one of 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Out of the Myers-Briggs types, the ESFP (which stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving) is also known as "the Entertainer."

ESFPs love to be the center of attention, putting on a show for all to see. They are creative, optimistic, generous, and live in the moment; however, the weaknesses of the ESFP personality type are hard to ignore. Every Myers-Briggs personality type has a dark side, after all.

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5 Negative Personality Traits of the ESFP Dark Side

1. Sensitive

ESFPs are prone to be sensitive, always taking in what a person says too literally. If they are given criticism, even constructive criticism, they most likely react in a manner that is hostile and not appropriate.

Wearing their feelings on their sleeves, ESFPs tend to put their emotions out there in order to receive positive feelings in return. But they need to learn that while positive feedback is wanted most of the time, sometimes it's not what you're going to hear. They must accept criticism for personal growth.

2. Conflict-averse

Avoiding conflict is an ESFP's middle name. Never wanting to stir the pot, ESFPs avoid getting their hands messy. Always the entity of fun and entertainment, they would rather see people in a joyous manner than arguing and causing a ruckus around them.

But because they avoid conflict and don't quite know how to deal with it, that spells trouble. There may be times in a work setting or even between a friend where conflict can't be ignored, and ESFPs need to step in and handle the situation head-on.

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3. Easily bored

Everyone gets bored sometimes, but ESFPs need to be stimulated or they will lose their minds. Their brain is always going and searching for knowledge. Being bored is not something they really understand and they will do anything to stimulate their minds.

Being in a constant state of rest for a long period of time isn't healthy, but ESFPs need to know that relaxing and just sitting in the present moment are essential to recharging.

4. Disorganized

While ESFP strengths are magnetic to others, they are poor long-term planners, which can affect the people around them but also their own lives. If they see an opportunity, they take it, and don't see why they have to wait to get it.

Planning for the future is an essential part of being an adult, as are having long-term goals. Planning is good for staying financially stable and having a career you truly enjoy. And while living in the moment can be fun, ESFPs need an alternative plan just in case.

5. Unfocused

Being unfocused is a major negative trait of the ESFP personality type. Not knowing how to stay focused is detrimental when you're trying to accomplish even the most basic things, like reaching your goals or completing a simple task.

ESFPs want to get into everything and, by doing so, they start one thing and never complete it, moving on to another. If ESFPs don't reconcile this trait, they will never get anything done.

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