15 Easy Card Tricks To Impress Everyone You Know

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Looking to pick up a new hobby?

Maybe you're bored, want to try something new, or are itching to show your friends and family what you've accomplished. No matter the reason, it's never too late to learn card tricks.

Luckily for you, easy card tricks are a great hobby to take on. And once you get good, you can impress everyone you know! The best part is that it's so cheap and all you need is a deck of cards to perform them.

See if you can ace (hah, get it?) these easy magic tricks with cards in the list below, and start wow-ing everyone around you.

Here are 15 easy card tricks to impress everyone you know.

1. Prediction

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One of the oldest card games in the book, yet one that will leave everyone wondering just how the heck you pulled this off.

Ask your spectator to name any card in the deck and show your crowd that all of the cards are, in fact, different. Before even asking them to pick a card you will have already set aside a card from the rest of the deck.

After shuffling out the cards onto the table, once you pick up the card you set aside, it just so happens to be the card your spectator picked! But how?

2. Card Rise

Okay, where is the string? No, really, where do you hide the string?

This card trick will have your friends thinking you're an expert level magician.

The way to comprehend this trick is to flip the card into the palm of your hand to give the illusion that the card is floating and coming from the middle of the deck.

Sound confusing? Take a look at the tutorial and learn for yourself.

3. Vanishing Card

This is a trick all about hand placement.

The object of this trick is to hold the disappearing card at an angle where the crowd can't see. You will use the angle of the card to your advantage as you slip it into your back pocket, thus making it disappear.

4. The Plan B

You may have to dedicate some time to learn this one. This trick has multiple tricks within just one act.

For this one, you'll need to grasp the art of fake shuffling to be sure that the card your guest has chosen stays at the top of the deck. From there, it's all a matter of making your guest think you don't have the correct card and then surprising them at the end.

Check out the tutorial for this enticing card trick.

5. Spelling Bee

Alright, first things first: if you can't spell, this trick might not be the one for you. You'll have an audience member spell out the type of card that they have in three separate decks and separate each one with a pile of cards.

It can get pretty tricky if you try and keep your eye on which card the word starts at and where it ends.

6. Force Card

​There are various ways to perform a force card trick. The point of a force card is to give the magic effect of whatever trick you're doing and can even be a trick on its own for beginners.

​7. Snap Change

You must be quick on your feet for this trick.

In order to make this come to life, you must be able to flip the front card back with just a snap of your fingers. This trick is sure to wow!

8. Fail-Proof

If you're looking to learn the craft of easy card tricks, this is a great place to start. This video shows you fail-proof tips and tricks that are perfect for beginners wanting to branch out.

You'll be able to pick up the deck without fear of messing up, and as the way this trick is designed, you won't fail.

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9. Vanish & Change

This is a powerful card trick that relies heavily on the illusion that you have more cards in your hand than you actually do. Excel in the art of the shuffle and you will have captivated the crowd.

10. Random Stop

Your friends will be asking you how you did this trick for days and maybe even weeks to come. The art of this trick is to simply shuffle the cards but always stop on the card one of your friends selected at random.

11. Lose the Kings

Another easy magic trick with cards for beginners looking to impress their friends!

The point of this trick is to show your spectator that you have all the kings out of the deck. You will then randomly place them into four different stacks of cards and then, like magic, all of the kings have resorted back into their own stack again.

Sound confusing? Watch the tutorial for a quick lesson.

12. Devil's Elevator

The Devil's Elevator is an enticing trick that always leaves you guessing. You'll constantly be wondering just how your number makes its way to the top of the deck every single time.

13. Hand Sandwich

Great for group gatherings, this will have your friends feeling like part of the act.

Simply place the cards in the hands of your spectator and have them close their palms like a sandwich. You'll tap their hand with a card to reveal the card they were holding this entire time.

14. Amazing Aces

This card trick will wow your crowd at the sheer impossibility of having all the aces in the deck appear at the top of four piles!

While the trick involves secretly moving the aces to the bottom of the deck before beginning, your friends and family will wonder how you did it. Seriously, nobody ever has this much luck in poker!

15. Shake Change​

How well can you shake? Well, that's all that matters in this card trick!

All you need to perfect it is that perfect shake to change the card to the one that was selected by your friend.

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