50 Best Pointless Websites To Waste Your Time On The Internet

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While it sometimes feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get the things done that you actually need to get done, we all have found ourselves with a little time to kill.

When we're really bored and especially lazy, we turn to the internet for useless websites.

Sure, we try to keep things interesting and ourselves educated by reading the daily news, but there's only so much information about the day's events a person's brain can handle.

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We all need a break to take in a little mental junk food every now and then. And time-wasting websites are one of the best ways to decompress.

This list features 50 of the most pointless, useless websites.

They are so clickable, you might just have to take a couple of vacation days to make sure you get a chance to enjoy them all.

1. Drawing Garden

Do you love music and gardening? This site is just for you. Drag your cursor around the screen and enjoy!

2. Spooky Reddit

Anyone into creepy, strange and weird phenomena and images will get a kick out of this website. Seriously, you could spend hours just scrolling.

3. Coin

The idea of this site is simple: pick up the coin and drop it in the slot. Repeat until you’re no longer bored.

4. Oh No They Didn't

For all your Hollywood news and gossip, this site is a classic. You can even scroll through the archives that date all the way back to 2004.

5. Baker Cat

Zone out and watch Pusheen the Cat make dough with her little paws.

6. Logos from Memory

Think you can draw these logos freehand on a computer? Hey, it never hurts to try.

7. Hacker Typer

Scare the crap out of your friends or boss. Anything you type will make it look like you’re in "The Matrix."

8. The Deep Sea

For biology nerds, this site helps you learn all about marine life. You can even scroll all the way down to Challenger Deep, the deepest known point of the ocean.

9. Weave Silk

Remember those screensavers with all the colorful lines? Now you can make your own with this interactive generator.

10. Neatorama

This site literally covers every single subject under the sun. You’ll come away knowing more than you did when you started reading.

11. Shut Up and Take My Money

Shopaholics, beware! This site is full of things you didn’t know you wanted. Do you really need them? No. But just look how neat they are!

12. Electric Boogie Woogie

Want to stare at lines and boxes in the primary colors? Look no further than this useless website.

13. Free Rice

Waste time while you expand your vocabulary and help end world hunger. For every definition you get correct, this side will donate 5 grains of rice to people in need.

14. Periodicity

This site is all about making colorful dots move in simple motions. You can change the pattern and speed, and make something truly visually cool.

15. The Last Page on the Internet

So, you’ve been to all the websites on the web. On this last one, you’re encouraged to maybe step away from the computer for a little while.

16. This is Sand

Want to build your own hourglass? Now you can be truly relaxed, one grain of sand at a time. You can even make a creation of your own.

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17. Windows93

If you’re yearning for the internet of the past, this website allows you to take a trip down memory lane with all your favorite websites and apps from Windows 93.

18. Nyan Cat

Love Nyan Cat? You can watch this for hours with the classic music of this meme. You can also choose different Nyan cats.

19. Crazy Card Trick

How does this card trick work? No one knows! But it’s creepy how it’s never wrong.

20. Is It Friday Yet?

The title of this site is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a good idea if you genuinely have no idea what day it is.

21. Random Goat

The perfect site for goat lovers. Every time you refresh the page, you get a brand new GIF or picture of, you guessed it, a goat!

22. Emojitracker

See in real time what emojis people are using all over the world on Twitter. But be careful, because there are flashing colors.

23. Koalas to the Max

While this site has literally nothing to do with koalas, it’s still pretty satisfying. And there’s no clicking needed.

24. I’m Blue

Paint the male figure blue, and jam out to that nostalgic song by Eiffel65.

25. Passive-Aggressive Word Machine

Type in ideas you have for passwords, and see what your passive-aggressive friends and relatives would say to that.

26. One Square Minesweeper

If you're a real glutton for losing, this website will keep you entertained for hours.

27. Plasma Globe

Don’t have one of those plasma balls in your home? Now you can play with one on the internet.

28. Procatinator

Each time you load the site, you’ll get a cat and a song. See what great combinations of both you can get.

29. Chihuahua Spin

Watch as this dog is unwrapped from a sheet. How many spins can you watch?

30. Patience is a Virtue

Don’t go to this site if you’re impatient. Seriously, you’ve been warned.

31. Falling Guy

Scroll up or down with your keyboard arrows, and see this guy fly through the clouds. See how many meters you can make him fall.

32. Scanwitches

Hungry and want a sandwich? Look at photos of yummy sandwiches of all kinds. The only downside is that you can’t actually eat them.

33. What is My Starbucks Name?

Tell the fake Starbucks barista your name. Watch as hilarity ensues. Just like real life.

34. Make Everything OK

Is everything not OK? Click the button, and wait for the bar to load. Then, read its message. Now, everything is OK.

35. Does the Dog Die?

Nobody wants animals to die in movies. It’s worse than humans dying! Check to see what dogs in movies die, so you’re prepared before you watch.

36. I Am Awesome

Click and refresh as needed when you need a reminder.

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37. Random Colour

If you don’t know what color to paint your home or want a swatch for something else, get a random color each time you refresh.

38. Falling Falling

Watch these mesmerizing colors “fall” and blend into one another. Hours of relaxation right here. The site even has music to zone out to.

39. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Think you have the unlikely chance of beating a computer at rock, paper, scissors? Try your luck!

40. Paper Toilet

This useless site is great when you’re mad at your partner for not putting the toilet roll on the wrong way.

41. Virtual Bubble Wrap

Get hours of relaxation popping bubble wrap online. Now the pop noises won’t be so scary like in real life.

42. Emergency Compliment

Quick! You need a compliment to feel better about yourself! This site will generate one for you, though you may not really like what it has to say.

43. Find the Invisible Cow

Can you find the invisible cow? Using grunting noises as a clue, search around the blank site for the cow you can’t see.

44. Do Nothing for Two Minutes

Are you able to relax for two short minutes? You can’t fool this website.

45. Space is Cool

Throw the earth and the moon around the sun for as long as you want. It’s the only way you could do so otherwise.

46. Where is the Sloth?

Once you find the sloth using the flashlight, you’re in for a true treat.

47. Pls Pet Doge

Do as the doge says and pet him already! You’ll get great compliments from this Shiba Inu while you do.

48. Into Time

Go ahead and stare at the screen for a while, as colors change and fade. You can even split the screen for different color combinations. It’s truly relaxing to just sit back and watch.

49. Click to Remove

All you have to do is click on each letter to remove it. Enjoy, and then repeat.

50. Pixels Fighting

Watch as two different colored pixels invade each other’s space. Which side will be victorious?

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