17 Games Like Wordle To Play While You Wait For The Next Day's Fix

Keep your brain occupied with these games that are similar to Wordle.

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Wordle is the newest word game craze to totally captivate us. So much so that the New York Times purchased Wordle for “an undisclosed price in the low-seven figures” just three months after software engineer Josh Wardle developed the game.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the game is the fact that you can only play it once a day, often leaving us itching to play more.

While the original Wordle still only presents one word a day, there are other games like Wordle you can play in the meantime.

1. Word Master

games like wordle word master


Those who truly love the original Wordle gameplay and simply want to be able to play multiple times a day will enjoy Word Master.

It’s set up exactly the same as Wordle, giving you six chances to get a word. Gray letters mean it’s an incorrectly guessed letter, yellow letters indicate a correct letter in the wrong spot, and green means your letter guess is right exactly where it is.

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2. Hello Wordl

games like wordle hello wordl


Hello Wordl is exactly like Wordle except you can adjust the number of letters you want in each word and you can play multiple times a day.

3. Wheeldle

games like wordle wheeldle

If you love Wordle, hate waiting for the next day's word, and also happen to love old-school video games, Wheeldle is for you! The premise is the same as Wordle including the 5-letter words and letter color coding with the added bonus of an 8-bit design.


4. WordGuessr

games like wordle wordguessr

WordGuessr is another Wordle clone that allows you to guess an unlimited number of words a day and also lets you choose between 3- to 7-letter words.

You can also challenge friends and family by sharing your specific word code and comparing how everyone does.

5. Wordle Unlimited

games like wordle wordle unlimited


Wordle Unlimited is another Wordle clone with the added benefit of being able to guess more than one word a day.

You can also create a custom word to send to friends and family to test their skills.

6. Quordle

Quordle is like playing Wordle four times over. It’s also a daily game, but you get a little bit of extra playing time guessing four 5-letter words at once. Each word contains the same five letters but in different order, and it’s actually pretty tough to complete!


7. Octordle

If you thought Quordle was hard, try Octordle, which is basically Wordle for absolute geniuses. You’re now guessing eight words at a time.

8. Squabble

Once you’ve mastered Wordle, you can test your skills playing against people all over the world with Squabble.


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9. Eldrow

games like wordle eldrow

Edlrow is limited just like Wordle, however, you can play five puzzles a day instead of one. As you may have guessed by its name, the game is a reverse form of Wordle in that you’re given the final correct answer and have to work your way back through previous guesses based on the color-coded letters you’re given.


10. Weredle

games like wordle weredle

Weredle is exactly like Wordle except it’s not as honest. One letter of each word is a “werewolf,” meaning it may or may not give you a false answer each guess.

After each guess, you click on the tile that you think is lying. The color-coding is the same as Wordle, and when you find the werewolf tile it’ll be outlined in red. If you click a tile and it gets outlined in blue, you’ll know it’s not the werewolf.


11. Lewdle

Lewdle is the adult version of Wordle, made up of 5-lettered rude words. Unfortunately, like it’s cleaner predecessor, there is only one Lewdle a day.

It’s a fun spin on the original game, but you’ll have to have an extensive vocabulary of lewd words to keep up with it.

Warning: may not be safe for work.


12. Sweardle

Need to get some frustration out? Sweardle is the alternative Wordle version for you, comprised of various 4-letter swear words. You get four chances to figure out the word, and like Wordle, there’s only one word a day.

13. Crosswordle

If you want to up the ante, try playing Crosswordle. You’re given a word grid exactly like Wordle’s, with green letters indicating a correct letter in the correct spot, yellow letters indicating correct letters in incorrect spots, and gray letters indicating letters that aren’t in the puzzle at all. If a red triangle appears in the corner of a letter, you can click on it to learn more.


The correct guesses will create words that appear in the dictionary both across and down.

You can play both the daily game as well as an unlimited version and can choose different levels ranging from easy to hard.

14. Lordle of the Rings

games like wordle lordle of the rings

If you’re a “Lord of the Rings” aficionado, you’ll enjoy this version of Wordle that uses words from the “Lord of the Rings” books.


Unfortunately, like Wordle, there is only one word a day.

15. Nerdle

games like wordle nerdle

If words aren’t your thing but you still want the thrill of playing a game like Wordle, try Nerdle. This game involves solving a daily puzzle made up of numbers and equations instead of letters and words.

16. Worldle

games like wordle worldle


Not a fan of words or numbers but still like being quizzed? Try Worldle, which involves guessing a country based on its shape.

After each guess, you’re given the distance, direction, and proximity that the correct country is from your guess.

17. Heardle

Music lovers, this is your chance to shine. Heardle posts one song a day, starting with the intro. After each guess, the music clip is extended to help you guess the correct artist and song title.


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