10 Dreams About Time Travel — And What They All Mean

You might be stuck in the past.

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Dreams can be scary, fun, entertaining or sad. But most dreams have a deeper meaning connected to real life that you can uncover by simply scratching just beneath the surface if you are paying attention.

A lot of us have traveled through time, space, and various locations as we slept. Some places were familiar, while others were epic ventures into the unknown.

There are many interpretations about dreams involving time travel.


If you come to understand why your subconscious mind is wandering to mysterious places, you can find hidden messages that give you answers you might be seeking.

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What does it mean when you dream about time travel?

Dreaming about time traveling can hold much significance, good or bad. It can also have a neutral meaning but still contain a valuable lesson about life.


But the most common interpretation of time travel dreams is an effort to escape reality.

Maybe your life is out of alignment and you are looking for clarity. Or perhaps your environment is not conducive with who you are and you seek change.

Dreams of traveling through time represent confusion or a longing to return to a different time in your life. The meaning varies depending on what type of dream involving time travel you are having.

What It Means If You Dream About Traveling to the Past

If you are dreaming about time travel to the past, it’s possible you are at a confusing time in your life. You could be faced with many paths you could go down but are unsure which one to take.


Your current reality doesn’t make sense and you just want to take a moment to stop and think so you fully know what you want. If your dream takes you to prehistoric times with dinosaurs, you are having trouble evolving.

You are not happy in the present moment and want to escape to simpler times before life became so complicated. Instead of dealing with your problems, you would like them to simply disappear.

Dreams of returning to the past also signify regret for past decisions, habits, and actions. It means you should forgive yourself and unshackle yourself from the mistakes you’ve made.

But beware of dreaming about wars in the medieval period, as it means you are too consumed with the past. You’re fighting battles that have long passed and you need to embrace the future.


What It Means If You Dream About Traveling to the Future

In the event you are dreaming about the time travel to the future, you are trying to escape your past. You may still be dealing with the fallout from old decisions and just want to move forward.

Dreams of traveling to the future can also mean you are worried about what’s to come. When you consider the unknown you get anxious and stressed, so you overthink.

This particular dream is a reminder that you need to make good decisions now to reap the future benefits. Pay attention and be cautious.

Another way to interpret time travel dreams to the future is that you want yours to be perfect and are doing your best to lay the groundwork for the life you want.


The future also shows an interest in technological advancements. It means you are creative and curious about what new things the future will bring about.

What It Means If You Dream About a Time Machine

Dreaming about a time machine is a symbol that a new idea is springing forth from within you. You want to discover and experience new things.

This dream also says that you are concerned about your legacy and what you will leave behind for your descendants. It points to the passage of time and can indicate you might be getting in your own way.

A time machine dream tells you that you need to heal from past trauma to release the ties that bind you to it. It is a merging of your inner child with the mature adult.


Time machine dreams can also show repressed anger. The message is that it’s time to stand up and fight in some area of your life. Something or someone is working against you and needs to be addressed.

time travel dreams meanings

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What It Means If You Dream About Traveling Through Time

If you dream about traveling through time, you are out of balance and looking for a sense of belonging. This represents all of your dreams for the past and the future.


This is also an effort to escape or seek the truth. It’s telling you to let any emotional baggage you are carrying go and lighten your load.

If you are thinking about reaching for a lofty goal or achieving something new, the universe is telling you to go for it.

What It Means If You Dream About Being in a Time Loop

Dreaming about being trapped in a time loop means you are about to embark on a big project that will require your full attention and commitment. Make sure you are not taking on more than you can handle.

It can also mean you need to spend more time alone in order to wrap your mind around complex matters you are dealing with. Don’t be afraid of solitude.


A time loop can also represent a gift that you are about to receive. It could be a physical object or the gift of love, gratitude, or happiness.

What It Means If You Dream About Time Traveling to a Historical Event

A dream about traveling to a historic event reminds you to take note of the changes that are taking place around you. Keep your eyes open, and listen more than you speak.

A dream about going to a historical event can also say that you have a big decision to make and are at a crossroads in your life. You need to seek hints and direction about your next move.

What It Means If You Dream About Time Traveling to Your Own Past

If you dream of going back to your own past, you are yearning for someone to come back. There was a missed opportunity and you want to go back to it.


It also means there are things you believe you should have done but didn’t do. You want an opportunity to do things differently. It could relate to people you’ve met, things you’ve done, or places you’ve visited.

Traveling to your past could also mean that desires from your past have not been fulfilled. They still live in your heart, and you should pursue them.

What It Means If You Dream About Time Traveling to Your Funeral

As scary as it sounds, dreaming about going to your own funeral can signify closure or that some part of your life is coming to an end.


You might be leaving one career to pursue another or even going through a divorce. Conversely, you could be starting a new relationship or a new adventure.

Another association is that you are suppressing your emotions and need to let them out. You long to be heard and acknowledged, so speak up.

What It Means If You Dream About Time Traveling to See a Deceased Loved One

Seeing a dead relative while traveling can be an indication that you are giving up your own emotional wellbeing and putting the happiness of others before yours.

It’s time to move on from certain situations and aspects of your life and stop dwelling on an unchangeable circumstance.


Dreaming about traveling to see a deceased loved one might also mean you are missing or lacking the love they once provided. Seek out people who care for you authentically.

What It Means If You Dream About Traveling Back in Time to Fix Something

Dreaming of traveling back in time to fix something means you have unfinished business to clean up. It signifies a need to fix what was broken.

Traveling to fix something also symbolizes regret about something you’ve done for which you need to atone. It is a message from the universe to take accountability for your actions.

This, like going back to prehistoric times, means you are tied to something from your past and need to make amends to move into your future with a clean slate.


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