What It Means If You Keep Dreaming About Spiders

Got a spider in your dream? It may mean your fears are interfering with your waking life.

Last updated on Jun 12, 2023

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Many of us have at least some semblance of arachnophobia and will do what we can to avoid spiders in our waking life — only to go and have spider dreams while we're sleeping.

The spiritual meaning of a spider is all about creation and control. A dream about a spider typically says something about your fears.

If a spider — or multiple spiders — pops up in your dream, it could be your dream’s way of informing you that your insecurities and fears are interfering with your well-being. The path to fulfillment starts with taking your fears head-on.


What do dreams about spiders mean?

If you are dreaming about spiders, you shouldn't be alarmed.

Spider dreams generally mean good fortune, wealth, beauty, rivalry, competition, and messengers of the universe.

Spiritually, spiders are really important symbols that represent life, death, stability, and rebirth, and are also associated with creativity, feminine energy, and spiritual enlightenment.

Ancient Romans wore spider amulets because they believed spiders would give them good fortune in their business. If you saw a spider in your home, people said money would come your way soon. It's also said that if a white spider made a web over a marital bed, that couple would have years of prosperity in their marriage.


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What It Means If You Dream Of Being Trapped in a Web

In a dream, being trapped in a spiderweb could mean you’re feeling trapped in real life. This dream symbolizes a feeling of entanglement or being caught in a complex situation in your waking life. It could indicate a sense of being overwhelmed or powerless in a particular aspect of your life.


This dream may serve as a reminder to assess your circumstances and find ways to regain control and navigate through challenging situations.

What It Means If You Have Recurring Dreams About Spiders

When your head hits the pillow to knock out for the night, are you seeing spiders far too much? Recurring dreams symbolize unresolved issues that are plaguing your day-to-day life.

It usually means that your life has a presence of fear, anxiety, or a sense of being threatened. These dreams may reflect deep-seated worries that need your attention.

It could be good to explore the emotions and situations that are associated with the spider dreams in order to gain insight into the underlying concerns and address them immediately.


What It Means If You Dream Of Big or Giant Spiders

Something large is looming over you, and you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. The more you ignore your problems, the bigger the spider will get.

Dreaming of big or giant spiders typically represents intensified fears or anxieties in your life. These dreams can symbolize anything from overwhelming challenges or obstacles that seem insurmountable. Having this particular dream means that you feel the issues are larger than life or are taking up a significant amount of mental and emotional space.

It is important to confront and tackle these fears head-on, breaking them down into more manageable parts to regain a sense of control and reduce their impact on your well-being.

What It Means If You Dream Of Killing a Spider

Dreaming of killing a spider can indicate a desire to confront and overcome your fears or challenges. It may represent a need for assertiveness and taking control in difficult situations. This dream could also signify a sense of triumph or empowerment as you actively eliminate obstacles or negative influences from your life.


It is worth considering whether there are any specific fears or concerns that you are trying to address, and finding ways to deal with them. However, killing a spider in a dream can also be a sign of bad luck, so pay attention to the dream to find signals that will let you know which interpretation you are receiving.

What It Means If You Dream Of a Small Spider or Baby Spider

This dream also has various interpretations. Dreaming of a baby spider represents a sense of vulnerability or the need to nurture and protect certain aspects of your life. Consider examining the specific context and emotions surrounding the small spider or baby spider in your dream to gain a deeper understanding of the areas in your life that require care and attention.

Another interpretation is that a small spider is symbolic of new beginnings. It could mean anything from new friends, new relationships, new marriage proposals, new years, or even new nails.

What It Means If You Dream Of Being Attacked or Bitten by a Spider

If a spider tries to attack or bite you in a dream, it could mean that there are external forces trying to attack you in real life. Dreaming of being attacked or being bitten by a spider often reflects feelings of vulnerability, powerlessness, or being overwhelmed by a certain situation or individual in your waking life.


It's a reminder to assert yourself, set boundaries, and protect yourself from negative influences or harmful individuals.

What It Means If You Dream Of Lots of Spiders

This dream suggests that you’re butting heads with a woman in your life. You may also be feeling overwhelmed by challenges in your life.

Dreaming of many spiders could also indicate that you're facing multiple issues, or that there is a build-up of stress or tension in your waking life (especially with a woman).

What It Means If You Dream Of Spiders in Your Ear

This dream means you should listen to the women around you. Having spiders in your ear symbolizes a need to be receptive to the wisdom, insights, and perspectives of women in your life.


It may also be a call to actively listen to their voices, experiences, and opinions. This is likely to help you sharpen your intuition.

This dream can serve as a reminder to be open-minded and attentive when engaging in conversations with women, valuing their perspectives and contributions. It encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of the female voice, and the importance of inclusivity in communication and decision-making.

What It Means If You Dream Of a Spiderweb

Dreaming of a spiderweb typically symbolizes a sense of entanglement or being caught in a complex situation. It can represent feelings of being trapped, overwhelmed, or restricted in some aspect of your life.

Additionally, this dream can indicate the presence of hidden influences or deceitful situations that require your attention and vigilance. In other words, a web represents feeling so wrapped up in a problem that you can’t find an exit.


spider dream meanings

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What It Means If You Dream Of Eating a Spider

Dreaming of eating a spider can have various interpretations. Symbolically, it may represent a need to confront and overcome your fears. It could also indicate a desire to take control of a situation.

Alternatively, eating a spider in a dream might suggest that you are metaphorically consuming or internalizing toxic influences or harmful thoughts. Lastly, swallowing a spider can be a gentle reminder that your fate is in your hands.


What It Means If You Dream Of a Flying Spider

Dreaming of a flying spider can represent a sense of unease or unpredictability in your life. It may symbolize a situation or challenge that seems to defy normal expectations or boundaries.

This dream can suggest the need to adapt and be flexible in the face of unexpected circumstances. Flying spiders may also indicate a fear of losing control or a sense of vulnerability.

What It Means If You Dream Of Spiders in Your Bed

If you dream about a spider being in your bed it suggests that someone is crossing your boundaries and invading your privacy in your waking life. This dream evokes feelings of intrusion, vulnerability, or a sense of invasion of personal space.

This dream could suggest that there are aspects of your personal life or intimate relationships that need attention and evaluation. Taking steps to address these issues can help restore a sense of peace and stability in your personal life.


What It Means If You Dream Of Spiders Hanging Above You

If a spider is hanging over your head in a dream, it means something is metaphorically “hanging over your head” in real life. It means that there is a threat or impending danger, and may symbolize feelings of being watched, scrutinized, or judged by others.

This dream could indicate that you are experiencing a heightened level of stress or anxiety in your waking life, particularly in relation to social interactions or the opinions of others. It may be a reflection of a fear of being caught in a web of manipulation or deceit.

What It Means If You Dream Of Spiders in Your Hair

If a spider is in your hair, it means you’re afraid of losing something — a relationship, a friendship, a job, your life, the lottery, or anything else. This is the most popular interpretation, but there is another.

This dream could also indicate a need to pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs or self-perception, as they may be causing internal conflicts or negative patterns. Taking time for self-reflection, practicing self-care, and seeking support can unravel and address these underlying concerns.


What It Means If You Dream Of Being Chased by Spiders

Dreaming of being chased by spiders can symbolize feelings of being pursued or overwhelmed by fears, anxieties, or unresolved issues in your waking life. It may represent a sense of being unable to escape or avoid certain challenges or negative influences.

This dream can also reflect a fear of facing and confronting these issues directly. In other words, you may be acting childish in your waking life by acting as the victim, and it is time for you to grow up and take responsibility.

What It Means If You Dream Of Having Pet Spiders

Dreaming of having pet spiders has multiple interpretations depending on the context. It may symbolize a sense of comfort, acceptance, or integration of aspects of yourself that were once feared or misunderstood.

This dream could indicate a willingness to embrace or nurture qualities or talents that were previously perceived as unconventional or outside societal norms. It may also suggest a need to explore and accept the darker or shadow aspects of your personality.


You may also be feeling so trapped in your insecurities that you tend to them as if they were your pet.

What It Means If You Dream Of Snakes and Spiders

Dreams about snakes and spiders can only mean one thing: malicious people are afoot. Or, it could mean that you’re just dreaming about snakes and spiders.

But if you tend to trust the symbolism behind your dreams, snakes and spiders suggest a “web of lies” in your inner social circle. (Siri, delete all the fake friends from my life, please.)


What It Means If You Dream Of Scorpions and Spiders

A dream sighting of scorpions and spiders is a sign you must stop running away from all of your problems in life. The only thing you should be avoiding is avoidance itself.

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What It Means If You Dream of Different Types of Spiders

Tarantula Spider Dream Meaning

A tarantula in a dream presents itself as a challenge — a challenge to be patient. Everything you want is coming for you. All you have to do is wait. Another interpretation is that you're experiencing stress as a result of serious situations or negative thoughts.

Black Widow Spider Dream Meaning

A major transformation is about to occur when you dream of a black widow spider. However, this dream may also indicate resentment or suffering in your waking life


Redback Spider Dream Meaning

When you dream of a redback spider, consider this the encouragement you need to end any bad habits or thinking patterns that are holding you back.

Jumping Spider Dream Meaning

If you see a jumping spider in your dreams, it means you’re trapped in a dynamic that’s full of deceit. The spider is not trying to terrify you, it’s trying to warn you. So, be careful who you trust.

What It Means If You Dream of Different Colored Spiders

Red Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a red spider symbolizes strong emotions, passion, intensity, or could also be a warning sign. It may represent heightened fears, anxieties, or a sense of urgency in your waking life, but may also signify potential danger or a need to pay attention to a specific situation or relationship that has a negative or manipulative influence.

Additionally, red spiders can symbolize hidden anger or aggression that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.


Black Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a black spider represents the unknown, mystery, or hidden aspects of oneself. A black spider in a dream may symbolize deep-seated fears, anxieties, or unresolved issues that you may be avoiding. It could also signify a sense of being trapped or entangled in a challenging situation.

It also represents aspects of yourself that you may find unsettling or mysterious. Black is often associated with the unknown or the unconscious mind. This dream may indicate that there are deep-seated fears or unresolved issues that need your attention.

White Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a white spider is associated with purity, innocence, and clarity. A white spider in a dream may symbolize a positive transformation or a fresh start in your life.

It could represent a new perspective or insight that brings about spiritual or emotional growth. It could also signify a sense of protection or guidance from higher forces or divine energies.


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