Spiritual Meaning Of Spiders

These creepy crawlers may be your new friends on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Meaning of Spiders getty

Whenever a spider is mentioned, everyone freaks out and runs in different directions. 

Can you blame us? These small, yet intimidating creatures may not be as villainous as we perceive them to be.

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However, not every spider is an enemy! I'm sure many of you have heard just how handy and useless these creepy crawlers can be!

Spiders are excellent creators and they are equipped with their very own supply of some of the world's strongest materials; their webs!

These tiny but mighty insects are the engineers of nature, constantly building and rebuilding feeding grounds to catch a midday snack. 

Don't get things twisted, though. Not every spider is a friend as there are hundreds if not thousands of species that will definitely strike no matter how big or small their opponent is. 

Maybe you're reading this and are wondering to yourself when the last time it was when you came face to face with this eight-legged frenemy. 


It's worth mentioning that spiders do in fact have a significant symbolism to seeing or dreaming about them. 

Today we are going to discuss the spiritual meaning of dreaming about spiders, their symbolism in the Bible, and what to do after this experience. 

Here is the meaning of spiders and their symbolism for when you dream or see one:

Spiders were associated with the sun in ancient India and everyone believed the great spider was the creator of the world who wove together all life, with his heart at the center of the web. 

These insects are very creative and persistent in their work. Just look at their webs, for example. Spiders will spends hours, even days, building their webs which serve as their own feeding grounds.


No matter how long it takes for their prey to fall into the trap, spiders will sit and wait patiently for their meal. 

They are usually waiting in the shadows for their victim, which is why a lot of people associate spiders with dark, mysterious feelings. 

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Dreams About Spiders 

Whether you are having a pleasant dream or a nightmare, spiders have multiple interpretations and meanings to appearing in your sleep world. 

Although dreaming of or seeing a spider can vary in meaning from culture to culture, we're going to discuss the most common symbolizations. 

Spiders are truly the creators of their own world. They build webs to sit and wait for a bug to land on, and they can even sit there and wait even longer for more bugs to accumulate. Talk about a potluck! 


If you see a spider in your dream, it may hint toward you becoming the creator of your own world. You may need to take control of certain areas of your life and evaluate what is helping you and what is hurting you. 

Maybe your dream didn't even have a spider in it; you might have dreamt of the web itself. 

If the web looked clean and put together, this may show you that you have everything under control. If the web is broken and lacking structure, you should think about what is going on in your life to resolve the issue(s).

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Biblical Meaning of Spiders 

The Bible mentions spiders of spiderwebs at least twice.


One verse can be found in Isaiah 59:5 which talks about the spiderweb. This verse says that like evil people, spiderwebs are useless and petty. Of course, the web is useful for a spider, but not for a human. 

The second verse is found in Proverbs 30:28. This verse discusses how smart spiders can be, but they are often easily caught by humans. This verse symbolizes that although they are clever creatures, they are not the only intelligent ones around. 

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Meaning Of Different Color Spiders In Your Dream 

If you dream about a white spider, this means that you are about to start a new journey.

Dreaming of a black spider can symbolize that something ominous is lurking your way. 

Red spiders can be symbolic of your passion toward a goal or even a special person in your life. 

Green spiders signify the calmness of nature and can represent the end of an old memory. 

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