DoorDash Driver Asks Customer For An Additional Tip Since It's His Birthday

This is not the way to get a bigger tip.

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After a customer placed an order through DoorDash, they were stunned by the message they received from their driver requesting an additional tip for an unconventional reason.

The DoorDash driver asked the customer for an additional tip since it was his birthday. 

The customer took to the subreddit, r/doordash, to share a screenshot of the message sent to them by the driver and ask fellow Redditors their advice on an appropriate response. 


DoorDash Driver Asks Customer For An Additional Tip Since It's His BirthdayPhoto: Reddit

The driver, Brock, informed the customer that he was currently picking up their order from the restaurant. He also had a special request that he wanted the customer to fulfill for him. 

“I was just wondering if you could be so generous and possibly tip me an extra [5-10] bucks,” he asked.  “It is my birthday today and I am honestly starving and could really use something to eat. Deeply appreciate it, it’s been a long hard day thank you.” 


Since the customer had already tipped Brock, they asked other Redditors what a fair response to him would be. 

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Many online encouraged the customer not to feel obligated to give an extra tip to the driver just because it was his birthday. 

Some even believed that Brock was lying about it being his birthday just to earn extra tips. 

“I think this guy has a birthday every single day,” one Redditor suggested. 

“Even if it is their birthday, it does not justify this behavior,” another user wrote. 



Others urged the customer not to respond and to report the driver for requesting extra money, pointing out that it was inappropriate on his part. 


Even if it was the driver’s birthday, rather than heckling his customers for additional tip money, he should have asked DoorDash for a raise. The company is his employer and they are in charge of his pay rate — not the customers. 

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While some companies may have policies where their employees are given additional pay if they work on their birthday, DoorDash is not one of them. Expecting additional pay solely because it's your birthday reflects a sense of entitlement that could be inappropriate in a professional setting.

While it's natural to celebrate personal milestones like birthdays, expecting extra compensation can create an expectation that isn't typically part of workplace norms. 


DoorDash Driver Asks Customer For An Additional Tip Since It's His BirthdayPhoto: Motortoin Films / Shutterstock

Instead of expecting a customer he does not even know personally to cover his meal expenses on his birthday, the driver should accept compliments and well-wishes from customers.


Workers should compensated fairly based on their work performance, not personal events like birthdays. If the driver wants to earn more tip money, he can start by delivering customers’ orders promptly, giving them necessary updates on their orders, and simply being polite!

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