Customer Says DoorDash Driver Tried To Puncture Her Tires With A Rock Because She Didn't Tip Him

A woman's security camera caught her DoorDash delivery driver slashing her tires with a rock.

Phone screen of the DoorDash app on the right; security footage of a man running away from a driveway. @k_evens78 via TikTok / Ascannio via Shutterstock

A video that surfaced on the internet went viral after a woman’s food delivery experience spiraled out of control when she didn’t leave her driver a tip.

A disgruntled DoorDash driver appeared to slash a woman’s tires because she didn’t tip.

Keitha Evans, known as @k_evans78 on TikTok, uploaded a video from her Wyze home security camera that captured a shocking scene showing her DoorDash driver apparently slashing her tires with a rock.


At the start of the TikTok, the security footage shows Evans walking into her house while carrying a case of disposable water bottles she’d received from her DoorDash driver. At this point, viewers can see the driver walking towards his car until he pauses momentarily to look at his phone, presumably to check the DoorDash app. 

Twelve minutes later, the clip shows the delivery driver crouching in the middle of her driveway and using a sharp rock to puncture holes into the tires of her car. “Not the rock,” Evans captioned in her video. “He stabbed my tire.”



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Afterward, the security camera’s motion-tagging feature spots the man sprinting away from the scene, earning a witty response from Evans, “Look at him run. He really did the dash.”

Footage of the DoorDash driver sprinting away from the customer's driveway after slashing her tires.Photo: TikTok / @k_evans78

People were astounded by the DoorDash driver’s behavior.

“What's wrong with people omg!!!!” one person wrote. 


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“I hope you pressed charges, he is weird,” read another comment. In response, Evans claimed that she did eventually press charges and reported the man to DoorDash.

“They do all that but won’t fight DoorDash for a better pay,” another said. “They’ll get screwed all day by big corporations and take it out on everyday people.”

Some people, however, blamed the woman for not tipping the driver for his service.

One user who also works as a Dasher found it difficult to empathize with the customer, saying, “If the tip isn’t already on the order im not taking it! Go get your own sh–t if u dnt wanna tip.” 


“Yeah I’m on his side,” someone else agreed. “U telling me u expect someone to go to the store for u, get u heavy waters, & u have the nerve to not tip & play victim?”

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Many felt that the issue could have been resolved if the woman had spared a few dollars for the man. “Damn, now you have to pay more for a tire all because you didn’t want to tip.” Evans replied, “Still didn't give him the right to mess with my car.”

When a person questioned why Evans didn’t leave a tip for the DoorDash driver, she explained that there were several issues regarding her order. “Yea because it took forever and he delivered it to the wrong address then got mad @ me because he went to the wrong house,” she said. 


Although people feel that the woman should have tipped the driver regardless of his poor service, this definitely doesn’t give people the right to destroy someone else’s property. Thankfully, Evans says she was eventually able to get more than enough compensation for her slashed tires. 

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