DoorDash Driver Says He Lied About Getting A Flat Tire So He Could Eat A Customer's Order Who Didn't Tip Enough

He claimed that for how far he was supposed to drive to deliver the order, the customer should've given him a higher tip.

DoorDash driver, text message @sidehustleaddict / TikTok

A food delivery driver sparked a conversation around tipping culture after revealing the petty action he took against a customer.

In a video that has amassed over 57,000 views, TikTok user @sidehustleaddict, who often shares videos of the different experiences he has delivering food for DoorDash, explained how he was able to think of a fake emergency to get revenge on a customer's order he was delivering.


He lied about having a flat tire so he could eat a customer's order who didn't tip enough.

"Today I picked up a DoorDash order [for] $5 for 10 miles," the delivery driver wrote in overlay text in the video. "After, [I] texted [DoorDash] support and [told] them I have a flat tire."

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Showing the text exchange between him and the support team, the driver claimed that he had gotten a flat tire while out delivering orders and was currently waiting on the side of the road for assistance from AAA. However, it was all made up and the delivery driver instead wanted to seek revenge on the customer who he felt didn't leave him a big enough tip for the number of miles he was driving to deliver the food.




While on the side of the road "waiting" for his tire to be fixed, he decided to indulge in the customer's order. "This DoorDash [customer] wanted me to drive 10 miles for $5, and he got the fried chicken sandwich," the driver said.

"They gotta remake this order for him, thank you DoorDash non-tipper," he continued, laughing as he unwrapped the customer's sandwich while getting ready to eat it.

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Just as restaurant servers and other employees often depend on tips to survive, the same can be said for food delivery drivers who work for online apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats.

For many food delivery drivers, many of the tips and money they make while on the clock are often retained by the platforms, and these drivers can sometimes not even receive any portion of them. So, it's understandable why this DoorDash driver would feel frustrated.

However, there are better ways to go about airing his grievances. His actions shouldn't absolve customers from making sure that they are tipping their delivery drivers fairly and being aware of the many challenges that different types of food service industry workers face, from servers to drivers.

In the comments section, many people were divided on whether or not to support the driver's petty decision.

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"Good for you, enjoy! I wouldn’t drive [any] miles for no tip," one TikTok user praised. Another user added, "I've done the same excuse. Not going to screw up my rating and waste my money to deliver food for me to end up paying [for gas] to deliver."

"People need to start picking up their own food. I'm a decent tipper who ALWAYS pays with cash. Don't want someone messing with my food," a third user pointed out.

However, others were less than enthused by the driver's lie and claimed that the tip he received was more than enough.

"Why would you accept [the] order? You had a choice to decline so this makes no sense. It's just stupid and ruins it for the real Dasher with a flat tire," a fourth user remarked.

Another commenter agreed, writing, "It could have been the elderly or a person with a disability have some compassion. Humans suck, you’ll get the flat tire you wish for."


"What if the person was going to give you [a] cash tip? Screwing yourself [over], honestly," a following TikTok user wrote.

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